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Fixed #14993 - Improved docs for ModelAdmin.filter_horizontal adding …

…that it's for ManyToManyFields; thanks jammon for the suggestion.

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@@ -263,15 +263,20 @@ subclass::
.. attribute:: ModelAdmin.filter_horizontal
- Use a nifty unobtrusive JavaScript "filter" interface instead of the
- usability-challenged ``<select multiple>`` in the admin form. The value is
- a list of fields that should be displayed as a horizontal filter interface.
- See ``filter_vertical`` to use a vertical interface.
+ By default, a :class:`~django.db.models.ManyToManyField` is displayed in
+ the admin site with a ``<select multiple>``. However, multiple-select boxes
+ can be difficult to use when selecting many items. Adding a
+ :class:`~django.db.models.ManyToManyField` to this list will instead use
+ a nifty unobtrusive JavaScript "filter" interface that allows searching
+ within the options. The unselected and selected options appear in two boxes
+ side by side. See :attr:`~ModelAdmin.filter_vertical` to use a vertical
+ interface.
.. attribute:: ModelAdmin.filter_vertical
- Same as ``filter_horizontal``, but is a vertical display of the filter
- interface.
+ Same as :attr:`~ModelAdmin.filter_horizontal`, but uses a vertical display
+ of the filter interface with the box of unselected options appearing above
+ the box of selected options.
.. attribute:: ModelAdmin.form

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