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@@ -14,11 +14,11 @@ Journal-World`_ of Lawrence, Kansas, USA.
Adrian is a Web developer with a background in journalism. He's known in
journalism circles as one of the pioneers of "journalism via computer
programming", and in technical circles as "the guy who invented Django."
He was lead developer at World Online for 2.5 years, during which time
Django was developed and implemented on World Online's sites. He's now the
leader and founder of EveryBlock_, a "news feed for your block".
Adrian lives in Chicago, USA.
`Simon Willison`_
@@ -27,7 +27,7 @@ Journal-World`_ of Lawrence, Kansas, USA.
from scratch. The most enthusiastic Brit you'll ever meet, he's passionate
about best practices in web development and maintains a well-read
`web-development blog`_.
Simon lives in Brighton, England.
`Jacob Kaplan-Moss`_
@@ -36,14 +36,14 @@ Journal-World`_ of Lawrence, Kansas, USA.
time is devoted to working on Django. Jacob previous worked for the Lawrence
Journal-World, where he was the lead developer of Ellington, a commercial
web publishing platform for media companies.
Jacob lives in Lawrence, Kansas, USA.
`Wilson Miner`_
Wilson's design-fu is what makes Django look so nice. He designed the
website you're looking at right now, as well as Django's acclaimed admin
interface. Wilson is the designer for EveryBlock_.
Wilson lives in San Francisco, USA.
.. _lawrence journal-world:
@@ -81,36 +81,38 @@ and have free rein to hack on all parts of Django.
Malcolm originally wanted to be a mathematician, somehow ended up a software
developer. He's contributed to many Open Source projects, has served on the
board of the GNOME foundation, and will kick your ass at chess.
When he's not busy being an International Man of Mystery, Malcolm lives in
Sydney, Australia.
.. _malcolm tredinnick:
-Russell Keith-Magee
+`Russell Keith-Magee`_
Russell studied physics as an undergraduate, and studied neural networks for
his PhD. His first job was with a startup in the defense industry developing
simulation frameworks. Over time, mostly through work with Django, he's
become more involved in web development.
Russell has helped with several major aspects of Django, including a
couple major internal refactorings, creation of the test system, and more.
Russell lives in the most isolated capital city in the world — Perth,
+.. _russell keith-magee:
Joseph Kocherhans
Joseph is currently a developer at EveryBlock_, and previously worked for
the Lawrence Journal-World where he built most of the backend for the their
Marketplace site. He often disappears for several days into the woods,
attempts to teach himself computational linguistics, and annoys his
neighbors with his Charango_ playing.
Joseph's first contribution to Django was a series of improvements to the
authorization system leading up to support for pluggable authorization.
Since then, he's worked on the new forms system, its use in the admin, and
many other smaller improvements.
Joseph lives in Chicago, USA.
.. _charango:
@@ -121,11 +123,11 @@ Joseph Kocherhans
re-igniting an interest in programming. Since then he has
contributed to a number of Open Source projects and worked
professionally as a developer.
Luke has contributed many excellent improvements to Django,
including database-level improvements, the CSRF middleware and
many unit tests.
Luke currently works for a church in Bradford, UK, and part-time
as a freelance developer.
@@ -137,11 +139,11 @@ Joseph Kocherhans
Django. He spends his free time contributing to Django and enjoys to learn
more about programming languages and system architectures. Brian is the
co-host of the weekly podcast, `This Week in Django`_.
Brian helped immensely in getting Django's "newforms-admin" branch finished
in time for Django 1.0; he's now a full committer, continuing to improve on
the admin and forms system.
Brian lives in Denver, USA.
.. _brian rosner:
@@ -154,9 +156,9 @@ Gary Wilson
Karen Tracey
Karen has a background in distributed operating systems (graduate school),
- communications software (industry) and crossword puzzle construction
+ communications software (industry) and crossword puzzle construction
(freelance). The last of these brought her to Django, in late 2006, when
- she set out to put a web front-end on her crossword puzzle database.
+ she set out to put a web front-end on her crossword puzzle database.
That done, she stuck around in the community answering questions, debugging
problems, etc. -- because coding puzzles are as much fun as word puzzles.
@@ -167,7 +169,7 @@ Specialists
`James Bennett`_
James is Django's release manager; he also contributes to the documentation.
James came to web development from philosophy when he discovered
that programmers get to argue just as much while collecting much
better pay. He lives in Lawrence, Kansas, where he works for the
@@ -181,38 +183,38 @@ Specialists
Ian Kelly
Ian is responsible for Django's support for Oracle.
Matt Boersma
Matt is also responsible for Django's Oracle support.
Justin Bronn
Justin Bronn is a computer scientist and third-year law student at the
University of Houston who enjoys studying legal topics related to
intellectual property and spatial law.
Justin is the primary developer of ``django.contrib.gis``, a.k.a.
.. _GeoDjango:
Jeremy Dunck
Jeremy the lead developer of Pegasus News, a personalized local site based
in Dallas, Texas. An early contributor to Greasemonkey and Django, he sees
technology as a tool for communication and access to knowledge.
Jeremy helped kick off GeoDjango development, and is mostly responsible for
the serious speed improvements that signals received in Django 1.0.
Jeremy lives in Dallas, Texas, USA.
Developers Emeritus
Georg "Hugo" Bauer
Georg created Django's internationalization system, managed i18n
contributions and made a ton of excellent tweaks, feature additions and bug
Robert Wittams
Robert was responsible for the *first* refactoring of Django's admin
application to allow for easier reuse and has made a ton of

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