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Fixes #20162 -- Added a note in the documentation for `static.serve()…

…` about the need for updating the system's map files when incorrect content types are returned. Many thanks to Simon Charette and Claude Paroz for their feedback.
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@@ -350,6 +350,16 @@ This view function serves static files in development.
**insecure**. This is only intended for local development, and should
**never be used in production**.
+.. note::
+ To guess the served files' content types, this view relies on the
+ :py:mod:`mimetypes` module from the Python standard library, which itself
+ relies on the underlying platform's map files. If you find that this view
+ doesn't return proper content types for certain files, it is most likely
+ that the platform's map files need to be updated. This can be achieved, for
+ example, by installing or updating the ``mailcap`` package on a Red Hat
+ distribution, or ``mime-support`` on a Debian distribution.
This view is automatically enabled by :djadmin:`runserver` (with a
:setting:`DEBUG` setting set to ``True``). To use the view with a different
local development server, add the following snippet to the end of your

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