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Commits on Apr 17, 2015
  1. @jacobian @timgraham

    Added link to the code of conduct from contributing guides.

    jacobian authored timgraham committed
    This is inspired by Angluar.js
    (, among others.
    Thanks to Jeff Triplett for the prod.
  2. @atmb4u @timgraham

    Fixed #24349 -- Limited domain name labels to 63 characters in EmailV…

    atmb4u authored timgraham committed
  3. @timgraham
  4. @timgraham

    Fixed #24657 -- Fixed include template tag example.

    timgraham authored
    Thanks pattypatpat for the report.
  5. @claudep

    Fixed #24595 -- Prevented loss of null info in MySQL field alteration

    claudep authored
    Thanks Simon Percivall for the report, and Simon Charette and Tim
    Graham for the reviews.
Commits on Apr 16, 2015
  1. @timgraham
  2. @timgraham
  3. @timgraham
  4. @yitzc @timgraham

    Fixed #21652 -- Added notification when processing objects in loaddata

    yitzc authored timgraham committed
    Added a running count of the objects processed by loaddata when
    verbosity >= 3.
  5. @akaariai @timgraham

    Fixed #24605 -- Fixed incorrect reference to alias in subquery.

    akaariai authored timgraham committed
    Thanks to charettes and priidukull for investigating the issue, and to
    kurevin for the report.
  6. @toastdriven @timgraham

    Fixed #23984 -- Added Javascript i18n documentation

    toastdriven authored timgraham committed
    This fleshes out the documentation around all of the exported
    Javascript functions available from the ``javascript_catalog``
  7. @adminq80 @timgraham
  8. @timgraham
  9. @akaariai @claudep

    Fixed #24615 -- ordering by expression not part of SELECT

    akaariai authored claudep committed
    Fixed queries where an expression was used in order_by() but the
    expression wasn't in the query's select clause (for example the
    expression could be masked by .values() call)
    Thanks to Trac alias MattBlack85 for the report.
Commits on Apr 15, 2015
  1. @xrmx @timgraham
  2. @xrmx @timgraham

    Updated tests to stop leaking models in shared AdminSite.

    xrmx authored timgraham committed
    This would break upcoming changes and AdminSite assumptions about
    having an app_config for each application that has registered
  3. @jdufresne @timgraham

    Fixed model_fields tests to use django TestCase.

    jdufresne authored timgraham committed
  4. @charettes
Commits on Apr 14, 2015
  1. @kutenai @timgraham
  2. @xblitz @charettes

    Fixed #24593 -- Fixed number formatting of readonly IntegerFields in …

    xblitz authored charettes committed
    …the admin.
  3. @timgraham
  4. @timgraham

    Fixed #24277 -- Added exception when dict used in QuerySet filtering

    Alex Wilson authored timgraham committed
  5. @MarkusH
  6. @jambonrose @timgraham

    Fixed #24635 -- Updated deprecated examples in default projec…

    jambonrose authored timgraham committed
    …t template.
  7. @peterfarrell @timgraham
  8. @xblitz @timgraham
  9. @ptone

    Moving myself to past team members section

    ptone authored ptone committed
    Reflecting the unfortunate reality.
    Still plan to be involved, but feel I need to recognize the degree to
    which I'm only on the periphery these days.
  10. @joedborg @timgraham

    Added missing periods in migrate help messages.

    joedborg authored timgraham committed
  11. @timgraham

    Fixed #24603 -- Allowed Context.update() to be used as a context mana…

    Tommy Beadle authored timgraham committed
  12. @timgraham
  13. @timgraham

    Fixed #12199 -- Added the ability to use "as" with the firstof templa…

    Craig Oldford authored timgraham committed
    …te tag.
  14. @mlorant @timgraham

    Fixed formatting in docs/ref/templates/builtins.txt

    mlorant authored timgraham committed
  15. @MarkusH

    Refs #24625 -- Filtered docutils warnings output in tests

    MarkusH authored
    Instead of setting ``warning_stream`` in the docutils config overrides
    to ``False`` I opted for filtering the stderr in the tests to keep the
    error output showing up in server logs.
    Thanks Tim Graham for the report and review
Commits on Apr 13, 2015
  1. @jbronn
  2. @jbronn
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