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Commits on Jan 4, 2013
  1. @ubernostrum
  2. @claudep

    [1.5.x] Fixed #19192 -- Allowed running tests with dummy db backend

    claudep authored
    Thanks Simon Charette for the initial patch, and Jan Bednařík for
    his work on the ticket.
    Backport of b740da3 from master.
Commits on Jan 3, 2013
  1. @claudep

    [1.5.x] Replaced deprecated sslerror by ssl.SSLError

    claudep authored
    The exact conditions on which this exception is raised are not
    known, but this replacement is the best guess we can do at this
    Backport of 850630b from master.
  2. @claudep

    [1.5.x] Fixed #19382 -- Stopped smtp backend raising exception when a…

    claudep authored
    …lready closed
    Thanks Sebastian Noack for the report and the initial patch.
    Backport of ffa50ca from master.
  3. @claudep

    [1.5.x] Fixed #19134 -- Allowed closing smtp backend when the server …

    claudep authored
    …is stopped
    Thanks Sebastian Noack for the report and the initial patch.
    Backport of 1b3f832 from master.
  4. @claudep

    Fixed #19426 -- Adapted EmptyQuerySet.distinct signature

    claudep authored
    1.5-only change, as EmptyQuerySet will be refactored in 1.6.
    Thanks for the patch.
  5. @charettes @claudep

    [1.5.x] Fixed #19545 -- Make sure media/is_multipart work with empty …

    charettes authored claudep committed
    Backport of 3fc43c9 from master.
Commits on Jan 2, 2013
  1. @timgraham

    [1.5.x] Fixed #19516 - Fixed remaining broken links.

    timgraham authored
    Added -n to sphinx builds to catch issues going forward.
    Backport of 9b5f64c from master.
  2. @SmileyChris

    [1.5.x] Update doc example for overriding change_form.html

    SmileyChris authored
    Slightly reworded another related paragraph for clarity, too.
    Backport of 3f890f8.
  3. @aaugustin

    [1.5.x] Minor fixes in the known_related_objects tests.

    aaugustin authored
    * Fixed JSON indentation.
    * Avoided relying on implicit ordering.
    Backport of a7b7efe.
  4. @aaugustin

    [1.5.x] Fixed #19547 -- Caching of related instances.

    aaugustin authored
    When &'ing or |'ing querysets, wrong values could be cached, and crashes
    could happen.
    Thanks Marc Tamlyn for figuring out the problem and writing the patch.
    Backport of 07fbc6a.
  5. @timgraham
Commits on Jan 1, 2013
  1. @timgraham

    [1.5.X] Fixed #19520 - Corrected some misleading docs about template_…

    timgraham authored
    Thanks jnns for the report.
    Backport of 0d3f16b from master
  2. @claudep

    [1.5.x] Removed unusable parameters to empty_form property

    claudep authored
    Backport of 884f77b from master.
  3. @claudep
  4. @claudep
  5. @aaugustin
Commits on Dec 31, 2012
  1. @jphalip

    [1.5.x] Fixed #19453 -- Ensured that the decorated function's argumen…

    jphalip authored
    …ts are obfuscated in the @sensitive_variables decorator's frame, in case the variables associated with those arguments were meant to be obfuscated from the decorated function's frame.
    Thanks to vzima for the report.
    Backport of 9180146
  2. @aaugustin
  3. @aaugustin

    [1.5.x] Fixed #16241 -- Ensured the WSGI iterable's close() is always…

    aaugustin authored
    … called.
    Thanks Graham Dumpleton for the report.
    Backport of a53c474.
  4. @claudep

    [1.5.x] Fixed #19537 -- Made CheckboxInput._has_changed handle 'False…

    claudep authored
    …' string
    Thanks for the report.
    Backport of d11038a from master.
  5. @jphalip

    [1.5.x] Added further flexibility to ModelAdmin for controlling post-…

    jphalip authored
    …save redirections.
    Refs #19505.
    Backport of cee40c7
Commits on Dec 30, 2012
  1. @akaariai

    [1.5.x] Made gis get_default_columns mirror changes in normal compiler

    akaariai authored
    The copy-pasted part of gis compiler's get_default_columns wasn't
    changed to match changes in a0155f3.
Commits on Dec 29, 2012
  1. @timgraham

    [1.5.x] Fixed broken links, round 4. refs #19516

    timgraham authored
    Backport of 067505a from master
  2. @akaariai

    [1.5.x] Avoided having an indexed TextField installed unless using po…

    akaariai authored
    An index on TextField results in a warning message when running tests
    on MySQL or SQLite, and the test using the TextField was PostgreSQL
    only in any case.
    Backpatch of 13a2b11
  3. @akaariai

    [1.5.x] Fixed autopk issue in tests

    akaariai authored
    Backpatch of ba4331f
  4. @claudep
Commits on Dec 28, 2012
  1. @aaugustin

    [1.5.x] Fix #19524 -- Incorrect caching of parents of unsaved model i…

    aaugustin authored
    Thanks qcwxezdas for the report. Refs #13839.
    Backport of e9c24be.
  2. @aaugustin
  3. @ptone

    [1.5.x] Fixed #19498 -- refactored auth documentation

    ptone authored
    The auth doc was a single page which had grown unwieldy.
    This refactor split and grouped the content into sub-topics.
    Additional corrections and cleanups were made along the way.
Commits on Dec 27, 2012
  1. @aaugustin

    [1.5.x] Fixed #19525 -- Reverted dcd4383 and 05d333b.

    aaugustin authored
    Refs #9893, #18515.
    Thanks Russell for the report.
    Backport of db278c3 from master.
  2. @timgraham

    [1.5.X] Fixed broken links, round 3. refs #19516

    timgraham authored
    Backport of b3a8c9d from master
Commits on Dec 26, 2012
  1. @aaugustin

    [1.5.x] Updated documentation on localflavor translations

    aaugustin authored
    to account for the deprecation of django.contrib.localflavor in 1.5.
    Refs #19482.
  2. @aaugustin

    [1.5.x] Fixed #19518 -- Documented the deprecation of localflavor.

    aaugustin authored
    Also moved the contrib deprecations at the top of their section and made
    minor markup fixes.
    Backport of 4500d35 from master.
  3. @claudep

    [1.5.x] Fixed #16408 -- Re-fixed value conversion with Spatialite bac…

    claudep authored
    Backport of 0907d3c from master.
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