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Commits on Jul 4, 2015
  1. @timgraham
Commits on Jul 3, 2015
  1. @sephii @timgraham
  2. @zedr @timgraham

    Fixed #23190 -- Made Paginator.page_range an iterator

    zedr authored timgraham committed
  3. @lunoho @timgraham

    Fixed mistake in Model.from_db() example.

    lunoho authored timgraham committed
  4. @manfre @timgraham

    Fixed #25055 -- Made m2m long name testing friendlier for 3rd party d…

    manfre authored timgraham committed
  5. @adelton @timgraham

    Fixed #25032 -- Removed double redirect in admin login.

    adelton authored timgraham committed
  6. @timgraham
  7. @timgraham
  8. @timgraham
Commits on Jul 2, 2015
  1. @adelton @timgraham

    Fixed #25029 -- Added PersistentRemoteUserMiddleware for login-page-o…

    adelton authored timgraham committed
    …nly external authentication.
  2. @cecedille1 @timgraham
  3. @timgraham
  4. @lamby @timgraham
  5. @ataylor32 @timgraham
  6. @wkschwartz @timgraham

    Fixed #24997 -- Enabled bulk_create() on proxy models

    wkschwartz authored timgraham committed
  7. @jpic @timgraham

    Fixed #24908 -- Fixed duplicate readonly field rendering.

    jpic authored timgraham committed
    ModelAdmin added readonly_fields to exclude, but would not undeclare
    them if they were overridden.
  8. @kairichard @timgraham
Commits on Jul 1, 2015
  1. @funkybob @timgraham

    Fixed #4960 -- Added "strip" option to CharField

    funkybob authored timgraham committed
  2. @timgraham
  3. @jdufresne @timgraham
  4. @timgraham
  5. @dracos @timgraham

    Fixed #21695 -- Added asvar option to blocktrans.

    dracos authored timgraham committed
    Thanks Bojan Mihelac for the initial patch.
  6. @MoritzS @timgraham
  7. @claudep
  8. @treyhunner @timgraham

    DEP 0003 -- Added JavaScript unit tests.

    treyhunner authored timgraham committed
    Setup QUnit, added tests, and measured test coverage.
    Thanks to Nick Sanford for the initial tests.
Commits on Jun 30, 2015
  1. @NEOatNHNG @timgraham

    Fixed #18247 -- Added cast to NUMERIC for Decimals on sqlite

    NEOatNHNG authored timgraham committed
    On sqlite the SUM() of a decimal column doesn't have a NUMERIC type so
    when comparing it to a string literal (which a Decimal gets converted to
    in Django) it is not compared as expected.
  2. @timgraham

    Fixed #23658 -- Provided the password to PostgreSQL dbshell command

    Jean-Michel Vourgère authored timgraham committed
    The password from is written in a temporary .pgpass file
    file whose name is given to psql using the PGPASSFILE environment
  3. @shaib

    Removed datetime_cast_sql, which is never overridden or used anywhere…

    shaib authored
    … in Django.
    Thanks Tim Graham for review.
  4. @knbk @timgraham

    Refs #23621 -- Fixed warning message when reloading models.

    knbk authored timgraham committed
  5. @pelme @timgraham

    Fixed #21803 -- Added support for post-commit callbacks

    pelme authored timgraham committed
    Made it possible to register and run callbacks after a database
    transaction is committed with the `transaction.on_commit()` function.
    This patch is heavily based on Carl Meyers django-transaction-hooks
    <>. Thanks to
    Aymeric Augustin, Carl Meyer, and Tim Graham for review and feedback.
  6. @timgraham

    Fixed #25038 -- Reverted incorrect documentation about inspectdb intr…

    timgraham authored
    …ospecting views.
    This reverts commit bd691f4 (refs #24177).
  7. @317070 @timgraham
  8. @nedbat @timgraham

    Used %r in the TextNode repr to show newlines better.

    nedbat authored timgraham committed
  9. @coldmind @timgraham
  10. @coldmind @timgraham
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