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Commits on Feb 28, 2015
  1. Claude Paroz
  2. Claude Paroz

    Revert "Fixed #24369 -- Prevented crash when `flush`ing before db mig…

    claudep authored
    This reverts commit 9f1dbe2.
    The proposed solution does not pass the test suite.
  3. Claude Paroz

    Fixed #24369 -- Prevented crash when `flush`ing before db migration

    claudep authored
    Thanks Thomas Tanner for the report.
  4. Claude Paroz

    Fixed #24413 -- Prevented translation fallback for English

    claudep authored
    Thanks Tomasz Kontusz for the report, Baptiste Mispelon for
    analysis and Tim Graham for the review.
Commits on Feb 27, 2015
  1. Alex Shaindlin Tim Graham

    Improved wording in tutorial 1.

    ashaindlin authored timgraham committed
  2. Claude Paroz

    Fixed #24418 -- Prevented crash in refresh_from_db with null fk

    claudep authored
    Thanks Johannes Lerch for the report, Tim Graham for the test case,
    and Simon Charette for the review.
  3. Tim Graham
  4. Claude Paroz

    Removed binary input test line

    claudep authored
    That line was inconveniently introduced by the committer (me) in
    3b966c2. Sorry!
  5. Jon Dufresne Claude Paroz
Commits on Feb 26, 2015
  1. Rolf Jagerman Tim Graham

    Fixed #24406 -- Improved SelectFilter js to use click events

    rjagerman authored timgraham committed
    The SelectFilter widget used href to execute javascript. This was
    problematic if one wishes to customize the widget, since the href
    javascript is executed after events are handled. This change modifies
    the javascript to use click events to handle button behavior.
Commits on Feb 25, 2015
  1. Tim Graham
  2. Tim Graham
  3. Tim Graham
  4. Tim Graham
  5. Tim Graham

    Fixed #24391 -- Made BoundField.value() cache callable values.

    Michael Angeletti authored timgraham committed
Commits on Feb 24, 2015
  1. Tim Graham

    Reverted "Fixed #24325 -- Documented change in forei…

    timgraham authored
    …gn key access."
    This reverts commit 0af3822.
    It's obsoleted by refs #24395.
  2. Stanislas Guerra Tim Graham

    Fixed #24395 -- Ensured inline ModelsForms have an updated related in…

    Starou authored timgraham committed
  3. Preston Timmons Aymeric Augustin
  4. Preston Timmons Aymeric Augustin
  5. Preston Timmons Aymeric Augustin

    Moved test_token_smart_split into ParserTests.

    prestontimmons authored aaugustin committed
  6. Preston Timmons Aymeric Augustin
  7. Preston Timmons Aymeric Augustin

    Moved cache tests into syntax_tests/

    prestontimmons authored aaugustin committed
  8. Preston Timmons Aymeric Augustin

    Moved RequestContextTests into test_context.

    prestontimmons authored aaugustin committed
  9. Preston Timmons Aymeric Augustin

    Moved TemplateTagLoading cases into test_custom.

    prestontimmons authored aaugustin committed
  10. Preston Timmons Aymeric Augustin
  11. Preston Timmons Aymeric Augustin

    Moved ssi tests into syntax_tests/

    prestontimmons authored aaugustin committed
  12. Preston Timmons Aymeric Augustin

    Cleaned up template loader tests.

    prestontimmons authored aaugustin committed
  13. nikolas Tim Graham

    Fixed typos in flatpages_tests comments.

    nikolas authored timgraham committed
Commits on Feb 23, 2015
  1. Aymeric Augustin

    Made migrations tests write to a temporary directory.

    aaugustin authored aaugustin committed
    This is preferrable to writing in the current working directory because
    it eliminates the risk to leak unwanted files, which can result in very
    weird test failures.
    Also this will help if we ever try to run these tests concurrently.
  2. Aymeric Augustin

    Prevented makemigrations from writing in sys.path[0].

    aaugustin authored
    There's no reason to assume that sys.path[0] is an appropriate location
    for generating code. Specifically that doesn't work with extend_sys_path
    which puts the additional directories at the end of sys.path.
    In order to create a new migrations module, instead of using an
    arbitrary entry from sys.path, import as much as possible from the path
    to the module, then create missing submodules from there.
    Without this change, the tests introduced in the following commit fail,
    which seems sufficient to prevent regressions for such a refactoring.
  3. Aymeric Augustin
  4. Aymeric Augustin

    Normalized usage of the tempfile module.

    aaugustin authored aaugustin committed
    Specifically stopped using the dir argument.
  5. Aymeric Augustin

    Guaranteed removal of temporary files during tests.

    aaugustin authored aaugustin committed
    Dropped the DJANGO_TEST_TEMP_DIR environment variable.
    Before this change, proper removal depended on the developer passing
    dir=os.environ['DJANGO_TEST_TMP_DIR'] to tempfile functions.
  6. Kenneth Kam Tim Graham

    Fixed #23762 -- clarified CACHE_MIDDLEWARE_ANONYMOUS_ONLY deprecation…

    kenkam authored timgraham committed
    … in docs
  7. Tim Graham
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