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Commits on Oct 25, 2012
@ubernostrum ubernostrum [1.5.x] Bump version information and classifiers for 1.5 alpha release. ed96292
@ubernostrum ubernostrum [1.5.x] We actually only support 3.2+ on Py3k. 50dfd4b
@ubernostrum ubernostrum [1.5.x] Make 1.5 alpha release notes consistent with previous pre-rel…
…ease versions.
@ubernostrum ubernostrum [1.5.x] Sphinx conf to 1.5 alpha 1. d7f8894
@aaugustin aaugustin [1.5.x] Ensured get_version returns a native string.
Returning unicode triggers a bug in Python 2.7:

This problem was introduced in 4a10308 (unicode_literals).

Backport of 45c8818 from master.
@aaugustin aaugustin [1.5.x] Fixed timezone tests when dict randomization is on
Refs #17758.

Backport of 1d6b7f3 from master.
@timgraham timgraham [1.5.X] Fixed broken links + spell check in 1.5 release notes.
Backport of 48be78c from master
@ericflo ericflo Update docs/releases/1.5.txt
Fix typo.
@timgraham timgraham [1.5.X] Fixed #19180 - Clarified policy regarding older versions of t…
…he docs.

Backport of 5c143cb from master
@spookylukey spookylukey [1.5.x] Fixed #15040 - Boolean fields return 0 and 1 when loaded thro…
…ugh select_related

Thanks to homm for the report and ramiro for the patch.

Backport of f3a2bcd from master
@spookylukey spookylukey [1.5.x] Fixed #19039 - Python 3.3 fails unit test for duplicate bad c…

Thanks to clelland for the report.

Backport of 71734df from master.
Commits on Oct 26, 2012
@clelland clelland [1.5.x] PEP 302 source loaders already decode appropriately
Backport of c11aba1775ba0562251e4b2dba78da6a86ff338c from master
@clelland clelland [1.5.x] Don't use : as an invalid cookie character
Since has been resolved in favour of
the colon in cookie names, we need to test invalid cookie removal using
a different character. "@" is still considered invalid by all sources.

Backport of 419e2137fabdcadadc728cb9bd94af929157dc3b from master
@clelland clelland [1.5.x] Avoid dependence on exact Python exception messages
Backport of a8bbae517963d7cc489fb35e51288e4f0efd8207 from master
@clelland clelland [1.5.x] Properly support pickling of LazyObjects in Python 3.3
Backport of 836cd26d7f3394452f1f5196eb26c99fef128a1a from master
@spookylukey spookylukey [1.5.x] Fixed some test failures on Python 3.3 related to QueryDict
Refs #19038.

Backport of 1413ee0a1705beee0df1949b308cc52f2467b5d1 from master
@spookylukey spookylukey [1.5.x] Fixed test failures on Python 3.3 due to dict ordering assump…

Refs #19038

Backport of c229f31118bd8a7494692a727860ed7cb58df232 from master
@spookylukey spookylukey [1.5.x] Fixed test failure under Python 2.x introduced in 3e10d22
Backport of ee6824ff459e5cba639bd1be70418ac9194945d4 from master
@claudep claudep [1.5.x] Fixed #19191 -- Corrected a typo in CustomUser docs
Thanks spleeyah for the report.

Backport of 90c7656 from master.
@claudep claudep [1.5.x] Fixed #16820 -- Treated '0' value as True for checkbox inputs
Thanks Dan Fairs for the report and the initial patch.

Backport of be29329 from master.
@aaugustin aaugustin [1.5.x] Fixed httpwrappers tests under hash randomization
Backport of 195bc37 from master
@aaugustin aaugustin [1.5.x] Fixed feedgenerator tests under hash randomization
Backport of 46d27a6 from master.
@aaugustin aaugustin [1.5.x] Fixed comment_test tests under hash randomization.
Thanks clelland for the patch.

Backport of 789ea33 from master.
Commits on Oct 27, 2012
@akaariai akaariai [1.5.x] Fixed Oracle failure for "%" in table name
Backpatch of 2249bd2
@akaariai akaariai [1.5.x] Fixed Oracle failure caused by None converted to '' in select…
…_related case

Backpatch of c159d9c
@akaariai akaariai [1.5.x] Marked a test as expectedFailure on Oracle
Backpatch of a5152bb
@akaariai akaariai [1.5.x] Ensured gis tests aren't run on non-gis Oracle
Backpatch of b55de81
@aaugustin aaugustin [1.5.x] Fixed #18978 -- Moved cleanup command to sessions.
This removes a dependency of 'core' on 'contrib'.

Backport of 83ba0a9 from master.

This deprecation occurs after the alpha, but it's a prerequisite
for fixing decently #18194 which is a release blocker.
@aaugustin aaugustin [1.5.x] Fixed #19200 -- Session expiry with cached_db
Also did a little bit of cleanup.

Backport of 04b00b6 from master.
@dmishe dmishe Missing 'h' in word. d8bd829
@apollo13 apollo13 [1.5.x] Removed a redundant colon in the query docs.
Thanks to Berker Peksag for the patch.

Backport of 4f11b7362206224ad876018bba19b7c9a08b7f0b from master.
@claudep claudep [1.5.x] Fixed #17787 -- Documented reset caches by setting_changed si…

Backport of fc2681b from master.
Commits on Oct 28, 2012
@aaugustin aaugustin [1.5.x] Added optional kwargs to get_expiry_age/date.
This change allows for cleaner tests: we can test the exact output.

Refs #18194: this change makes it possible to compute session expiry
dates at times other than when the session is saved.

Fixed #18458: the existence of the `modification` kwarg implies that you
must pass it to get_expiry_age/date if you call these functions outside
of a short request - response cycle (the intended use case).

Backport of cd17a24 from master.
@aaugustin aaugustin [1.5.x] Improved tests introduced in 04b00b6.
These tests are expected to fail for the file session backend because it
doesn't handle expiry properly. They didn't because of an error in the
test setup sequence.

Refs #19200, #18194.

Backport of 882c47c from master.
@aaugustin aaugustin [1.5.x] Fixed #18194 -- Expiration of file-based sessions
* Prevented stale session files from being loaded
* Added removal of stale session files in clearsessions

Thanks ej for the report, crodjer and Elvard for their inputs.

Backport of 5fec97b from master.
@aaugustin aaugustin [1.5.x] Fixed #19203 -- Added isolation to a humanize test
Thanks lrekucki for the report.

Backport of aff9b2f from master.
@aaugustin aaugustin [1.5.x] Reverted unintentional change in aff9b2f.
Backport of 785bf0d from master.
@akaariai akaariai [1.5.x] Fixed #18823 -- Ensured m2m.clear() works when using through+…

There was a potential data-loss issue involved -- when clearing
instance's m2m assignments it was possible some other instance's
m2m data was deleted instead.

This commit also improved None handling for to_field cases.

Backpatch of 611c4d6
@aaugustin aaugustin [1.5.x] Required serializer to use bytes in loads/dumps
loads has no way to tell if it should provide text or bytes to the
serializer; bytes are more reasonnable for a serialized representation,
and are the only option for pickled data.

dumps can perform conversions on the value it receives from the
serializer; but for consistency it seems better to require bytes too.

The current code would cause an exception when loading pickled session
data. See next commit.

Also fixed a bug when checking for compressed data.

Backport of 58a086a from master.
@aaugustin aaugustin [1.5.x] Marked cookies-based session expiry test as an expected failure.
Refs #19201.

Backport of 58337b3 from master.
@aaugustin aaugustin [1.5.x] Fixed #18964 -- floatformat test passes under py3k
Thanks Russell for the report.

Backport of b4420d9 from master.
@aaugustin aaugustin [1.5.x] Fixed a typo in aff9b2f.
Thanks void.

Backport of effe96b from master.
@claudep claudep [1.5.x] Fixed #18575 -- Empty DATABASES should default to dummy backend
Thanks for the report.

Backport of f1cc2be from master.
Commits on Oct 29, 2012
@ptone ptone [1.5.x] Fixed #19061 -- added is_active attribute to AbstractBaseUser f427ecd
@spookylukey spookylukey [1.5.x] Fixed #17991 - prefetch_related fails with GenericRelation an…
…d varchar ID field

Thanks to for the report, and for the tests.

Backport of ccd14ff25b7642678bf3c9ed8a12643f04853144 from master
@claudep claudep [1.5.x] Fixed #19172 -- Isolated poisoned_http_host tests from 500 ha…

Thanks bernardofontes for the report.

Backport of b774c59 from master.
@claudep claudep [1.5.x] Prevented leftover files and dirs in admin_scripts tests
Backport of d30516e from master.
@aaugustin aaugustin [1.5.x] Fixed #19208 -- Docs for mod_wsgi daemon mode
Thanks Graham Dumpleton for the patch.

Backport of bc00075 from master.
@aaugustin aaugustin [1.5.x] Fixed #19209 -- Documented |date:"I".
Thanks mitar for the report.

Backport of 24b2aad from master.
Commits on Oct 30, 2012
@freakboy3742 freakboy3742 [1.5.X] Added some test guards for some recently added auth tests.
Refs #19061, #19057.
@ptone ptone [1.5.x] Fixed #19057 (again) -- added additional tests 402a986
@ptone ptone [1.5.x] Fixed #17869 - force logout when REMOTE_USER header disappears
If the current sessions user was logged in via a remote user backend log out
the user if REMOTE_USER header not available - otherwise leave it to other auth
middleware to install the AnonymousUser.

Thanks to Sylvain Bouchard for the initial patch and ticket maintenance.
@claudep claudep [1.5.x] Fixed #5076 -- Properly decode POSTs with non-utf-8 payload e…

Thanks daniel at for the report and Aymeric Augustin for
his assistance on the patch.

Backport of 6de6988 from master.
@claudep claudep [1.5.x] Fixed #15714 -- Added note about capitalization of LANG_INFO …

Backport of 5dc4437 from master.
@claudep claudep [1.5.x] Fixed #17744 -- Reset default file storage with setting_chang…
…ed signal

Backport of 9a02851 from master.
@claudep claudep [1.5.x] Prevented file_upload tests to leave files behind
Refs #19206.
Backport of 73245b3 from master.
@claudep claudep [1.5.x] Fixed #19174 -- Fixed capitalization errors in LANG_INFO
Thanks waldeinburg for the report.
Backport of 2f035a9 from master.
@timgraham timgraham [1.5.X] Fixed #16671 - Added a tutorial on reuseable apps
Thank-you Katie Miller and Ben Sturmfels for the initial draft,
as well as Russ and Carl for the reviews.

Backport of 08cf549 from master
Commits on Oct 31, 2012
@aaugustin aaugustin Fixed #17083 -- Allowed sessions to use non-default cache. 0dcaddb
@andrewgodwin andrewgodwin Fixed #19070 -- urlize filter no longer raises exceptions on 2.7
Thanks to claudep for the patch.
Commits on Nov 01, 2012
@timgraham timgraham [1.5.X] Fixed #19216 - Switched to user level installation in apps tu…

Thanks Nick Coghlan for the suggestion.

Backport of dd0d2c0 from master
@timgraham timgraham [1.5.X] Fixed #19179 - Added mention of NamedUrlSessionWizard and Nam…
…edUrlCookieWizard; thanks Tom for the report.

Backport of ede8a0b from master
@claudep claudep [1.5.x] Fixed #16678 -- Wrote tests for contrib.redirects app
Thanks Julien Phalip for the report.
Backport of d9213d0 from master.
@timgraham timgraham [1.5.X] Added WizardView.file_storage exception message and docs
Thanks Danilo Bargen for the patch.

Backport of af7ea80 from master
Commits on Nov 02, 2012
@aaugustin aaugustin Fixed #19225 -- Typo in shortcuts docs.
Thanks SunPowered for the report.
@apollo13 apollo13 [1.5.x] Documented minimal python 3.2 version.
Backport of 0d8432d from master.
@timgraham timgraham [1.5.X] Fixed #15361 - Documented performance considerations for Quer…

Thanks mmcnickle for the patch.

Backport of feaf9f2 from master
@timgraham timgraham [1.5.X] Cleaned up contrib.admin install instructions.
Thanks Cal Leeming for the patch.
\nBackport of 082fad0 from master
@timgraham timgraham [1.5.X] Fixed #19167 - Added a warning regarding module-level databas…
…e queries

Thanks Daniele Procida for the patch.

Backport of 07361d1 from master
@timgraham timgraham [1.5.X] Fixed #19120 - Added an example of using ModelAdmin methods f…
…or read-only fields.

Thanks Daniele Procida for the patch.

Backport of d1de759 from master
Commits on Nov 03, 2012
@ptone ptone [1.5.x] Deprecated depth kwarg on select_related.
This is the start of a deprecation path for the depth kwarg on
select_related. Removing this will allow us to update select_related so
it chains properly and have an API similar to prefetch_related.

Thanks to Marc Tamlyn for spearheading and initial patch.

refs #16855
@timgraham timgraham [1.5.X] Fixed #16841 - Documented a couple ModelAdmin methods
* ModelAdmin.get_changelist_form and get_changelist_formset
* InlineModelAdmin.get_formset

Thanks Jordan Reiter for the report.

Backport of 39f5bc7 from master
@ulope ulope [1.5.X] Fixed #17549 -- Added a clickable link for URLFields in admin…
… change list.

Backport of ac2052e from master.
@aaugustin aaugustin [1.5.x] Fixed #19101 -- Decoding of non-ASCII POST data on Python 3.
Thanks Claude Paroz.

Backport of 095eca8 from master.
@keimlink keimlink [1.5.X] Fixed #19230 -- Extended the handler403 documentation.
Backport of 0546794 from master.

Added a paragraph on how to use the PermissionDenied exception to create a 403
response and use handler403.
@claudep claudep [1.5.x] Prevented host resolution when running dev server
Refs #19075, #2494.
Thanks Karen Tracey for spotting the issue.

Backport of 3e98d98 from master.
@aaugustin aaugustin [1.5.x] Fixed #15152 -- Avoided crash of CommonMiddleware on broken q…

Backport of 973f539 from master.
@aaugustin aaugustin [1.5.x] Fixed #18963 -- Used a subclass-friendly pattern
for Python 2 object model compatibility methods.

Backport of fc10418 from master.
@claudep claudep [1.5.x] Fixed #6234 -- Removed obsolete note about json and ensure_ascii
Thanks aaron at for the report.
Backport of 4e8d952 from master.
Commits on Nov 04, 2012
@timgraham timgraham [1.5.X] Fixed #19090 - Added PostgreSQL connection note.
Thanks Melevir for the patch.

Backport of 249c3d7 from master
Alex Gaynor [1.5.x] Fixed #5805 -- it is now possible to specify multi-column ind…
…exes. Thanks to jgelens for the original patch. Backport of 4285571.
@alex alex [1.5.x] Merge pull request #493 from edavis/fix-get-foo-display-docs
Fixed formatting of get_FOO_display example
@ptone ptone [1.5.x] Added a note and link to CLA from contributing docs 3bb8c6e
@alex alex [1.5.x]Merge pull request #494 from mrj0/model_split
model_split: Fixed #19236 - fixed error for abstract models with a split method

Backport of 8d3f932
Alex Gaynor [1.5.x] Added multi-column indexes to the 1.5 release notes. Backport…
… of 957787a.
Alex Gaynor [1.5.x] Corrected a typo that inadvertently made its way into the doc…
…s. Backport of 0a49e61.
@ptone ptone [1.5.x] Fixed #19240 -- include pagination error details in ListView 404
Thanks to seawolf for the patch
@alex alex [1.5.x] Merge pull request #495 from aisipos/ticket_18949
Fixed #18949 -- Improve performance of model_to_dict with many-to-many

Backport of 4d766b3.
Alex Gaynor Merge branch 'stable/1.5.x' of into …
Commits on Nov 05, 2012
@pydanny pydanny Fixed #19241 -- Improved floatformat docs
Demonstrate how to round to integers using floatformat templatetag
@aisipos aisipos [1.5.x] Fixed #18949 -- Fix broken test interactions in ModelForms tests
A test in Model Forms test was specifically referring to a fixed
primary key, which was now being used up in a newly committed.
This has been worked around by specifying a higher primary
@ptone ptone [1.5.x] Fixed py3 compatibility for 5a00a57 c7d5e7c
@claudep claudep [1.5.x] Fixed #8627 -- Prevented textareas to swallow first newline c…

Browsers consider the first newline in textareas as some display
artifact, not real content. Hence they are not sending it back to
the server. If we want to keep initial newlines, we have to add one
when we render the textarea.
Thanks bastih for the report and initial patch.

Backport of 78f6669 from master.
@timgraham timgraham [1.5.X] Fixed #15591 - Clarified interaction between ModelForm and mo…
…del validation.

Backport of d3fd8a1 from master
Commits on Nov 06, 2012
@aaugustin aaugustin [1.5.x] Fixed #19254 -- Bug in SESSION_FILE_PATH handling.
Thanks simonb for the report.

Refs #18194.

Backport of 11fd00c from master.
@timgraham timgraham [1.5.X] Fixed #19246 - Updated SECURE_PROXY_SSL_HEADER example to use…
… 'X-Forwarded-Proto'

Thanks Fred Palmer for the report.

Backport of 2cc1884 from master
@claudep claudep [1.5.x] Fixed #14315 -- Made memcached backend handle negative incr/d…
…ecr values

Thanks Michael Manfre for the report and initial patch and
Tobias McNulty for the review.

Backport of 79dd751 from master.
@timgraham timgraham [1.5.X] Fixed #19154 - Noted commit_manually requires commit/rollback…
… for reads

Thanks als for the report.

Backport of 620e0bb from master
Commits on Nov 07, 2012
@timgraham timgraham [1.5.X] Fixed #15968 - Noted that readonly_fields are excluded from t…
…he ModelForm

Backport of a386675 from master
@timgraham timgraham [1.5.X] Fixed #19161 - Added missing clean_password method in custom …
…user docs

Thanks DavidW for the report.

Backport of e8f6960 from master
@claudep claudep [1.5.x] Fixed #19257 -- Don't swallow command's KeyError in call_command
Thanks Giovanni Bajo for the report.
Backport of 9a09558 from master.
@claudep claudep [1.5.x] Fixed #19115 -- Documented stdout/stderr options for call_com…

Thanks d1ffuz0r for helping with the patch.
Backport of b1ac329 from master.
@akaariai akaariai [1.5.x] Fixed #17144 -- MySQL again groups by PK only
Thanks to Christian Oudard for the report and tests.

Backpatch of [cafb266]


Commits on Nov 09, 2012
@claudep claudep [1.5.x] Fixed #19266 -- Added Texinfo documentation target
Thanks orontee for the report and initial patch.
Backport of a79d920 from master.
@timgraham timgraham [1.5.x] Merge pull request #506 from gwrtheyrn/ipv6_doc_fix
Fixed invalid ipv4 mapped ipv6 addresses in docs

Backport of 19eb56a from master
@apollo13 apollo13 [1.5.X] Added missing encoding preamble to gis tests.
'coverage html' did fail without it.

Thanks to Claude Paroz for figuring it out.

Backport of aea8bf0 from master.
@claudep claudep [1.5.x] Merged pagination tests
It is simpler/cleaner to have all pagination tests in a single file.
Refs #16122.
Backport of 45802e1 from master.
@claudep claudep [1.5.x] Fixed #19261 -- Delayed Queryset evaluation in paginators
Thanks trbs for the report and the patch.
Backport of 1b307d6 from master.
@seanbrant seanbrant [1.5.x] Fixed #19262 -- Support cookie pickling in SimpleTemplateResp…

Refs #15863.
Backport of 4d817b3 from master.
Commits on Nov 10, 2012
@claudep claudep [1.5.x] Fixed #14264 -- Ensured settings.configure configures logging
Thanks Matt McDonald for the patch.
Backport of 3416269 from master.
@claudep claudep [1.5.x] Removed an impossible code path in cache function
Backport of 04a7ea3 from master.
@akaariai akaariai [1.5.x] Fixed #19273 -- Fixed DB cache backend on pg 9.0+ and py3
There was a problem caused by Postgres 9.0+ having bytea_output default
value of 'hex' and cache backend inserting the content as 'bytes' into
a column of type TEXT. Fixed by converting the bytes value to a string
before insert.

Backpatch of [cc0ac26].
Commits on Nov 11, 2012
@aaugustin aaugustin [1.5.x] Tweaked cache key creation to avoid strict typing.
This is a provisional change. See #19221 for details.

Backport of 6c69de8 from master.
Commits on Nov 13, 2012
@nippo nippo [1.5.X] Typo in comments doc
Backport of 17b14d4 from master
@timgraham timgraham [1.5.X] Fixed #19260 - Added a comment to tutorial 1.
Thanks terwey for the suggestion.

Backport of a72b8a2 from master
@aaugustin aaugustin [1.5.x] Fixed #19283 -- Fixed typo in imports in CBV docs.
Backport of 00ff69a from master.
@akaariai akaariai Some changes to SortedDict to make it faster under py2
Refs #19276
@akaariai akaariai Removed use of SortedDict for query.alias_refcount
This will have a smallish impact on performance. Refs #19276.
@akaariai akaariai Fixed select_related performance regressions
The regression was caused by select_related fix for Oracle, commit
@dcramer dcramer [1.5.x] Correct link to Sentry
django-sentry is no longer maintained, and sentry is the replacement.

Backport of 54fbe6c and c91a127 from master, as requested by Mr Gaynor.
Alex Gaynor [1.5.x] fixed a broken link in the docs. Backport of 1e34fd3 911d358
Commits on Nov 14, 2012
@claudep claudep [1.5.x] Fixed #19186 -- Fixed sending mail with unicode content on Py…
…thon 3

Thanks alex_po for the report and Luke Plant for the analysis.
Backport of 1620c27 from master.
@claudep claudep [1.5.x] Fixed #19272 -- Fixed gettext_lazy returned type on Python 2
Thanks tyrion for the report.
Backport of 550ddc6 from master.
@timgraham timgraham [1.5.X] Fixed #19289 - Removed an out of place sentence in tutorial 2.
Thanks colinnkeenan for the report.

Backport of 2dbfa66 from master
Commits on Nov 15, 2012
@akaariai akaariai [1.5.x] Fixed #19058 -- Fixed Oracle GIS crash
The problem is the same as in #10888 which was reintroduced when
bulk_insert was added. Thanks to Jani Tiainen for report, patch and
also testing the final patch on Oracle GIS.

Backpatch of 92d7f54
@akaariai akaariai [1.5.x] Fixed #18347 -- Removed autofield raw SQL inserts from tests
Backpatch of 71e14cf
Commits on Nov 16, 2012
@claudep claudep [1.5.x] Fixed #19296 -- Applied test connection sharing for spatialite
Thanks pegler at for the report and the initial patch.
Backport of ff0d312 from master.
@emidln emidln [1.5.X] Fixed docs noting comment_will_be_sent returns a 400, not a 403
Backport of d8ee46a from master
Commits on Nov 17, 2012
@ptone ptone [1.5.x] Fixed #18985 -- made DeprecationWarnings loud
Capture warnings in Python >= 2.7 and route through
console handler, which is subject to DEBUG==True

Thanks to dstufft for the idea, and claudep for initial patch
@timgraham timgraham [1.5.X] Documented that contrib.sites creates a default site.
Thanks Lorin Hochstein for the patch.

Backport of ac4aa8a from master
@jezdez jezdez [1.5.x] Fixed #19136 -- Properly escape gettext context prefixes in t…
…he i18n JavaScript view template.

Backport of 4a5e808 from master.
@gabrielhurley gabrielhurley [1.5.x] Fixed #18210 -- Escaped special characters in reverse prefixes.
Ensured that special characters passed in to reverse via the
prefix argument are properly escaped so that calls to
django.utils.regex_helpers.normalize and/or string formatting
operations don't result in exceptions.

Thanks to toofishes for the error report.

Backport of 90e5309 from master.
@jezdez jezdez [1.5.x] Fixed typo introduced in 0e3f781. 0aaaad1
@ptone ptone [1.5.x] Fixed #19310 -- changed method docs formatting for custom fil…
…e storage docs
@claudep claudep [1.5.x] Fixed #18989 -- Removed unused condition in CursorWrapper
Thanks zimnyx for the report.
Backport of 8c69278 from master.
@claudep claudep [1.5.x] Fixed #19226 -- Applied linebreaksbr to read-only fields in a…

Thanks shadow for the report, and Melevir and thiderman for the
Backport of ec9d6b1 from master.
@claudep claudep [1.5.x] Fixed #19036 -- Fixed base64 uploads decoding
Thanks anthony at for the report, and johannesl for
bringing the patch up-to-date.
Backport of 2a67374 from master.
@claudep claudep [1.5.x] Fixed #19114 -- Fixed LogEntry unicode representation
Thanks niko at for the report and Emil Stenstrom for
the patch.
Backport of e0363c6 from master.
@timgraham timgraham [1.5.X] Fixed #16779 - Added a contributing tutorial
Thank-you Taavi Taijala for the draft patch!

Backport of 7058b59 from master
@kenthauser kenthauser [1.5.x] Add `form` to formwizard context (includes tests)
Backport of ba81164 from master.
@tomchristie tomchristie [1.5.x] Add 'page_kwarg' attribute to `MultipleObjectMixin`, removing…
… hardcoded 'page'.

(cherry picked from commit 502be86)
@tomchristie tomchristie [1.5.x] Test for `ListView.page_kwarg`
(cherry picked from commit f824a95)
@tomchristie tomchristie [1.5.x] Include `versionadded 1.5` directive
(cherry picked from commit 5bc6929)
@tomchristie tomchristie [1.5.x] Formatting tweaks.
(cherry picked from commit 3f2fc2f)
@aaugustin aaugustin [1.5.x] Fixed #19291 -- Completed deprecation of ADMIN_MEDIA_PREFIX.
Backport of 9b755a2 from master.
@aaugustin aaugustin [1.5.x] Fix typo in file storage docs.
Backport of 4585e12 from master.
@aaugustin aaugustin [1.5.x] Fixed #19315 -- Improved markup in admin FAQ.
Thanks ClaesBas.

Backport of ccb2b57 from master.
@timgraham timgraham [1.5.X] Fixed #13997 - Added an example of constructing a MultiWidget…
… and documented the value_from_datadict method.

Backport of 04775b4 from master
Commits on Nov 18, 2012
@timgraham timgraham [1.5.X] Fixed #19308 - Clarified stringformat filter example
Thanks Shabda Raaj.

Backport of 2564e31 from master
@ramiro ramiro Updated admin base translation file. eb67a45
@timgraham timgraham [1.5.X] Fixed #19306 - Improved syndication example.
Thanks brycenesbitt for the report.

Backport of 1f1f60d from master
Commits on Nov 19, 2012
@1st 1st [1.5.X] Fixed typo in docs/releases/1.5.txt
Backport of 3bdb2ca from master
@1st 1st [1.5.X] Fixed typo in docs/ref/models/querysets.txt
Backport of 76859e6 from master
Commits on Nov 20, 2012
@ptone ptone [1.5.x] Fixed #18658 -- Improved ModelAdmin.message_user API
Thanks to Lowe Thiderman for the patch and tests
@strongriley strongriley [1.5.X] Fixed typo in django.template.defaulttags
Backport of d179794 from master
@claudep claudep [1.5.x] Fixed #19331 -- Added missing trailing slash in auth admin te…

Thanks ppetrid at for the report.
Backport of 8c21c53 from master.
@spookylukey spookylukey [1.5.x] Corrected docs about default value of MESSAGE_STORAGE
Backport of a32f30c from master
Commits on Nov 21, 2012
@ramiro ramiro [1.5.x] Fixed #19331 (again) use the right admin named URL.
This allows us to get the trailing slash in URLs without having to
manually assemble and hard-code them.

See also commits e9497a, a222d6, f51eab, 5a9e12.

Backport of 8fdb282 from master.
@jphalip jphalip [1.5.x] Modified a staticfiles test to use a unicode character that h…
…as just one single representation. The previously used character (ş) has two different representations (u'\u015f' and u's\u0327'), which caused spurious failures when the tests were run across multiple platforms (e.g. on a Linux VM hosted on a Mac).
@jphalip jphalip [1.5.x] Fixed #18920 -- Added `.gitattributes` to normalize line endi…
…ngs in HTML templates and avoid spurious failures in the core test suite on Windows. Many thanks to manfre, Claude Paroz, Karen Tracey, MaxV and Daniel Langer for their advising and testing.
Commits on Nov 22, 2012
@timgraham timgraham [1.5.X] Fixed #19335 - Typo and cleanups in docs/topics/class-based-v…

Backport of e2b1808 from master
@shepdl shepdl [1.5.X] Fixed #19243 - Edited GeoDjango Tutorial for consistency and …

Backport of 8e5573e from master
@ptone ptone [1.5.x] Added examples of using startproject/app with URLs
thanks to Brent O'Connor for the idea and intial docs
@timgraham timgraham [1.5.X] Fixed #19317 - Added an image for warning blocks in the docs
Thanks tome for the suggestion and patch.

Backport of 3587991 from master
@timgraham timgraham [1.5.X] Clarified usage of as_view kwargs for setting arguments on cl…
…ass based views

Thanks Dave McLain for the patch.

Backport of 7b2d95e from master
@timgraham timgraham [1.5.X] Documented behavior of get_or_create when multiple objects ar…
…e returned.

Thanks Matt Lauber for the patch.

Backport of 71a3162 from master
@ghickman ghickman [1.5.x] Fixed #19316 -- Set View args/kwargs/request before dispatch
Backport of ea6b95d from master.
@aaugustin aaugustin [1.5.x] Fixed #16039 -- Made post_syncdb handlers multi-db aware.
Also reverted 8fb7a90. Refs #17055.

Backport of a026e48 from master.
@aaugustin aaugustin [1.5.x] Fixed #18984 -- Avoided a deadlock in test teardown.
Thanks Jeremy Dunck for the report.

Backport of 891c530 from master.
@timgraham timgraham [1.5.X] Fixed #18974 - Warned against using models.permalink
Thanks dstufft for the draft patch.

Backport of 0e3690d from master
@timgraham timgraham [1.5.X] Spell checked 1.5 alpha release notes
Backport of e94f8ba from master
@timgraham timgraham [1.5.X] Fixed #19346 - Typo in docs/ref/contrib/gis/install/index.txt
Backport of c13912a from master
Commits on Nov 23, 2012
@aaugustin aaugustin [1.5.x] Tweak a test to avoid hitting a limit with SQLite.
Django cannot delete more than 999 objects at a time with SQLite.

Refs #16426, #16039.

Backport of 2875b5d from master.
@timgraham timgraham [1.5.X] Fixed #19348 - Clarified the units of filesizeformat.
Thanks george_edison for the report and Claude Paroz for the patch.

Backport of 63e6cd1 from master
@WoLpH WoLpH [1.5.X] Changed if statement to a slightly cleaner variant
Backport of eabb444 from master
@fcurella fcurella [1.5.x] Fixed #19152 -- Allowed PostGIS tests to be run without template
From version 2, a PostGIS template is no longer required to create
a GIS-enabled database.
Backport of fbd1df8 from master.
@claudep claudep [1.5.x] Fixed cursor commit command in PostGIS backend
Thanks Bruno Renié for noticing the error.
Backport of 7b9a1fb from master.
@akaariai akaariai [1.5.x] Fixed #18375 -- Removed dict-ordering dependency for F-expres…

F() expressions reuse joins like any lookup in a .filter() call -
reuse multijoins generated in the same .filter() call else generate
new joins. Also, lookups can now reuse joins generated by F().

This change is backwards incompatible, but it is required to prevent
dict randomization from generating different queries depending on
.filter() kwarg ordering. The new way is also more consistent in how
joins are reused.

Backpatch of 90b8629
@aaugustin aaugustin [1.5.x] Negligible style fix in docs.
Backport of 5c81e9d.
@claudep claudep Added new languages
Afrikaans, Belarusian, Breton, Venezuelan Spanish, Interlingua,
Luxembourgish, Udmurt
@akaariai akaariai [1.5.x] Fixed SQLite's collapsing of same-valued instances in bulk_cr…

SQLite used INSERT INTO tbl SELECT %s UNION SELECT %s, the problem
was that there should have been UNION ALL instead of UNION.

Refs #19351

Backpatch of a275824
@akaariai akaariai [1.5.x] Fixed #19351 -- SQLite bulk_insert of more than 500 single-fi…
…eld objs

Backpatch of 0a0a0d6
Commits on Nov 24, 2012
Jeremy Dunck Changed Luxembourgish name_local to unicode escapes.
Fixes 6a00c19.
@freakboy3742 freakboy3742 [1.5.x] Fixed #19806 -- Ensure that content types and permissions are…
…n't created for swapped models.

Thanks to rizumu for the report.

Backport of c8985a8.
@freakboy3742 freakboy3742 [1.5.x] Fixed #19218 -- Added documentation note on limitations of si…
…gnals with custom User models.

Thanks to for the report.

Backport of fdb5c98.
@freakboy3742 freakboy3742 [1.5.x] Simplified the deletions performed by the swappable_models test.
This is required to allow the test to run without error under SQLite in the CI environment.

Backport of 18d7c1e.
@freakboy3742 freakboy3742 [1.5.x] Removed some stray debug lines introduced accidentally in c89…

Backport of f2d8004.
@aaugustin aaugustin [1.5.x] Fixed #19343 -- Deadlock with TransactionTestCase + TEST_MIRR…
…OR + multi_db.

Thanks Jeremy Dunck for the review.

Backport of be64dd3 from master.
@khoomeister khoomeister [1.5.x] Fixed #19237 -- Improved strip_tags utility
The previous pattern didn't properly addressed cases where '>'
was present inside quoted tag content.
Backport of bf1871d from master.
@akaariai akaariai [1.5.x] Fixed ordering-related failure in m2m_through_regress tests
Backpatch of dc569c8
@claudep claudep [1.5.x] Updated User manager when testing custom AUTH_USER_MODEL
This is giving more real test conditions when AUTH_USER_MODEL is
set with override_settings.
Backport of a962bc7 from master.
@heyman heyman [1.5.x] Fixed #18722 -- Adjusted width of sortable columns in admin
Thanks Simon Charette for the report.
Backport of 35a0fff from master.
@tuttle tuttle [1.5.x] Fixed #19293 -- Updated Czech input formats
Thanks vzima for the report.
Backport of abd0e76 from master.
@aaugustin aaugustin [1.5.x] Used a django.test.TestCase for compatibility with @override_…

These tests were silently skipped.

Backport of 95edeab.
@aaugustin aaugustin [1.5.x] Fixed #19280 -- Raised an explicit exception for the old {% u…
…rl %} syntax.

Backport of 6b8a7ce.
Commits on Nov 25, 2012
@jphalip jphalip [1.5.x] Fixed #19355 -- Improved LiveServerThread's handling of excep…
…tions. Thanks to flub for the report.

Backport of 612357f
@claudep claudep [1.5.x] Fixed #18417 -- Raised exception when unittest.TestCase is de…
…corated with override_settings

Backport of 9f7cefd from master.
@claudep claudep [1.5.x] Enabled SimpleTestCase to be decorated by override_settings
Refs #18417. Also fixed some test case classes which subclassed
the wrong parent.
Backport of a5d4741 from master.
@aaugustin aaugustin [1.5.x] Fixed two typos.
Backport of f89901d from master.
@aaugustin aaugustin [1.5.x] Change exception type to reduce confusion.
TemplateSyntaxError is expected at compile time, not at run time.

Refs #19280.

Backport of 7644800.
@claudep claudep [1.5.x] Fixed test failure following capitalization fix in 2f035a9
Backport of f26b956 from master.
@jphalip jphalip [1.5.x] Fixed #17646 -- Added a get_list_filter() method to ModelAdmi…
…n. Thanks to rasca for the suggestion and to mateusgondim for the patch.

Backport of ae206d7
@edwtjo edwtjo [1.5.x] Fixed #17911 -- Ensure that admin readonly fields' display va…
…lues are shown in change forms when the raw value is None.

Backport of 29d59a8
Commits on Nov 27, 2012
@aaugustin aaugustin [1.5.x] Fixed #19362 -- Detected invalid use of @python_2_unicode_com…

Thanks m3wolf for the report and akaariai for reproducing the problem.

Backport of 2ea80b9.
@akaariai akaariai [1.5.x] Removed duplicate opts.pk_index() method
Backpatch of [d37483c]
@dbrgn dbrgn [1.5.x] Fixed #19370 -- Made date filter properly handle midnight value
Backport of c10aaa7 from master.
@jacobian jacobian Added 1.5 beta release notes.
Backport of [7a62339] from master.
@jacobian jacobian Fixed a couple of typos in the 1.5 (and beta) release notes.
Backport of [7cea123] from master.
@ubernostrum ubernostrum [1.5.x] Bump version numbers for 1.5 beta 1. 1c05619
@timgraham timgraham [1.5.X] Fixed #19352 - Added an example in the QuerySet docs.
Thanks colinkeenan for the suggestion.

Backport of ba2adc9 from master
Commits on Nov 28, 2012
@timgraham timgraham [1.5.X] Fixed #19239 - Added examples for generic date views
Thank-you Daniel Greenfeld and Scott Nixon.

Backport of 3805522 from master
@tail tail [1.5.x] Fixed #19374 -- Typo in docs/ref/models/instances.txt.
Backport of eeaab08 from master.
Tai Lee [1.5.x] Fixed #14694 -- Made ``defer()`` work with reverse relations
Reverse o2o fields are now usable with defer.

Backpatch of [6ebf115]
@claudep claudep [1.5.x] Fixed #19366 -- Prevented GEOSIndexError when comparing geome…

Thanks Craig de Stigter for the report and collaboration on the
Backport of cc3c4a9 from master.
@akaariai akaariai [1.5.x] Converted a couple of assertEquals -> assertEqual 957de74
@akaariai akaariai [1.5.x] Fixed #14694 again -- Made defer() works with reverse relations
Master and stable/1.5.x had diverged in models/
@ramiro ramiro [1.5.x] Fixed a comment typo. bb6e661
@brutasse brutasse [1.5.x] Fixed typo in the 1.5* release notes. Thanks brutasse. fe55052
Commits on Nov 29, 2012
@aaugustin aaugustin [1.5.x] Fixed #19356 -- Increased session key entropy.
Backport of d913a8b from master.
@claudep claudep [1.5.x] Fixed #19354 -- Do not assume ==
Thanks markteisman at for the report.
Backport of 0eeae15 from master.
Commits on Nov 30, 2012
@ryankask ryankask [1.5.x] Allow custom User models to use the UserAdmin's change passwo…
…rd view.

Backport of bfdedb6.
@timgraham timgraham [1.5.X] Fixed #19400 - Typo in docs/topics/auth.txt
Backport of 008e625 from master
Commits on Dec 01, 2012
@claudep claudep [1.5.x] Fixed #19349 -- Fixed re-rendering of ReadOnlyPasswordHashWidget
Thanks tim.bowden at for the report, Andreas Hug
for the patch and Anton Baklanov for the review.
Backport of a0cd6dd from master.
@claudep claudep Fixed #19015 -- Removed ISO formats from localized
ISO formats are automatically appended to the list of input
formats. Kept only when it is specified in first position, as it
has a special meaning in localize_input.
Thanks Bojan Mihelac for the report.

Backport of 90d3af3 from master.
@claudep claudep [1.5.x] Fixed #19015 -- Add ISO input formats to all formats
Backport of 349c4c3 from master.
Commits on Dec 03, 2012
@aaugustin aaugustin [1.5.x] Fixed #19397 -- Crash on binary files in project templates.
Thanks gw 2012 at tnode com for the report.

Backport of baae4b8.
@claudep claudep [1.5.x] Fixed #19416 -- Fixed multi-line commands in initial SQL files
Thanks Aymeric Augustin for detecting this regression.
Backport of 5fa5621 from master.
@sebasmagri sebasmagri [1.5.x] Fixed #19318 -- Ensured that the admin's SimpleListFilter opt…
…ions can be displayed as selected even if the lookup's first element is not a string.

Backport of 88e1715
Commits on Dec 04, 2012
@claudep claudep [1.5.x] Fixed #19378 -- Ensured get_success_url returns a non-lazy URL
Backport of 795ac7d from master.
@jphalip jphalip [1.5.x] Fixed the admin_filters tests for Postgres.
Backport of c196e01
@akaariai akaariai [1.5.x] Fixed #19391 -- Oracle specific failure in tests
The failure was caused by using None as a choice for a CharField. To
avoid Oracle's "" <-> NULL handling the field type was changed to

Backpatch of 632cf32
@ramiro ramiro [1.5.x] Minor idiomatic and docstring edits in ar localflavor.
45f00db from master.
@ramiro ramiro [1.5.x] Fixed #18697 -- Made values accepted for two customizable adm…
…in templates consistent.

Thanks and at cloverfastfood dot com for the report.

b64d304 from master.
@evildmp evildmp [1.5.x] Amended explanation of LOCALE_PATHS setting.
Thanks Daniele Procida for the patch.

37abad7 from master.
Commits on Dec 06, 2012
Marc Aymerich [1.5.x] Fixed #19429 -- Applied linebreaksbr to read-only fields in i…

Applied to inlines what ec9d6b1 did for main fieldsets.
Backport of 553838a from master.
@claudep claudep [1.5.x] Fixed #19367 -- Fixed saving ContentFile in filesystem storage
This was not working properly when ContentFile was initialized with
an unicode string.
Thanks Alexey Boriskin for the report and the test.

Backport of 34dcf51 from master.
@foonicorn foonicorn [1.5.x] Fixed #18574 -- Make BaseFormSet.is_valid call its underlying…
… forms' is_valid

Thanks Simon Charette for the report and the initial patch.
Backport of 66dfcc1 from master.
Commits on Dec 07, 2012
@claudep claudep [1.5.x] Fixed #19444 -- Clarified IGNORABLE_404_URLS documentation
Backport of 53b879f from master.
Commits on Dec 08, 2012
@claudep claudep [1.5.x] Fixed #19357 -- Allow non-ASCII chars in filesystem paths
Thanks kujiu for the report and Aymeric Augustin for the review.
Backport of c916673 from master.
@claudep claudep [1.5.x] Fixed a string detection in
Backport of 6140795 from master.
@claudep claudep [1.5.x] Fixed #19423 -- Prevented ModelAdmin sharing widgets due to f…

Thanks joebuyer at for the report and Simon Charette
for the review.
Backport of 04e6542 from master.
@claudep claudep [1.5.x] Fixed #19439 -- Removed unused template tag library in change…

Thanks ppetrid for the report.
Backport of 35492f8 from master.
Val Neekman fix a spelling error in docs
backport of cacafe8 from master.
@aaugustin aaugustin [1.5.x] Fixed #19389 -- Docs on the location of contrib apps tests.
Backport of d5ed81c.
@claudep claudep [1.5.x] Removed US localflavor-specific tests from core
Also fixes #9045.
Backport of 8248d14 from master.
Commits on Dec 09, 2012
@aaugustin aaugustin [1.5.x] Fixed #19392 -- Improved error for old-style url tags with da…

Thanks dloewenherz for the report.

Backport of 4951932 from master.
Commits on Dec 10, 2012
@claudep claudep [1.5.x] Amended an SQL test fixture to not include an id value
Some backends might need special handling for auto-increment values.
This was introduced in 5fa5621. Thanks Michael Manfre for spotting
the issue.
Backport of 0cdfa76 from master.
@apollo13 apollo13 [1.5.X] Fixed #18856 -- Ensured that redirects can't be poisoned by m…
…alicious users.
@apollo13 apollo13 [1.5.X] Fixed a security issue in get_host.
Full disclosure and new release forthcoming.
@ubernostrum ubernostrum [1.5.x] Bump version numbers for security release. 82d4786