Ticket 16304 -- Add HTML5 placeholder attribute support to form fields #1111

wants to merge 2 commits into
10 django/forms/fields.py
@@ -20,7 +20,7 @@
from django.core.exceptions import ValidationError
from django.forms.util import ErrorList, from_current_timezone, to_current_timezone
from django.forms.widgets import (
- TextInput, NumberInput, EmailInput, URLInput, HiddenInput,
+ Input, Textarea, TextInput, NumberInput, EmailInput, URLInput, HiddenInput,
MultipleHiddenInput, ClearableFileInput, CheckboxInput, Select,
NullBooleanSelect, SelectMultiple, DateInput, DateTimeInput, TimeInput,
SplitDateTimeWidget, SplitHiddenDateTimeWidget, FILE_INPUT_CONTRADICTION
@@ -199,8 +199,10 @@ def __deepcopy__(self, memo):
return result
class CharField(Field):
- def __init__(self, max_length=None, min_length=None, *args, **kwargs):
- self.max_length, self.min_length = max_length, min_length
+ def __init__(self, max_length=None, min_length=None, placeholder=None,
+ *args, **kwargs):
+ self.max_length, self.min_length, self.placeholder = (
+ max_length, min_length, placeholder)
super(CharField, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs)
if min_length is not None:
@@ -218,6 +220,8 @@ def widget_attrs(self, widget):
if self.max_length is not None and isinstance(widget, TextInput):
# The HTML attribute is maxlength, not max_length.
attrs.update({'maxlength': str(self.max_length)})
+ if self.placeholder and isinstance(widget, (Input, Textarea)):
+ attrs.update({'placeholder': self.placeholder})
return attrs
class IntegerField(Field):
8 docs/ref/forms/fields.txt
@@ -318,13 +318,15 @@ For each field, we describe the default widget used if you don't specify
Otherwise, all inputs are valid.
* Error message keys: ``required``, ``max_length``, ``min_length``
- Has two optional arguments for validation:
+ Has three optional arguments for validation:
lqc added a line comment May 18, 2013

AFAIK, placeholder is not meant for use in validation in any way.

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.. attribute:: max_length
.. attribute:: min_length
+ .. attribute:: placeholder
- If provided, these arguments ensure that the string is at most or at least
- the given length.
+ If provided, max_length and min_length ensure that the string is at most or at least
+ the given length. If provided, placeholder will show a placeholder attribute
+ in the html element, if it's an input box or a textarea.
10 tests/forms_tests/tests/test_fields.py
@@ -125,6 +125,16 @@ def test_charfield_5(self):
self.assertEqual(f.max_length, None)
self.assertEqual(f.min_length, 10)
+ def test_charfield_6(self):
+ f = CharField(placeholder='This is a random placeholder')
+ self.assertEqual('This is a random placeholder', f.placeholder)
+ self.assertEqual('This is a random placeholder', f.widget.attrs['placeholder'])
+ def test_charfield_7(self):
+ f = CharField(placeholder='This is another placeholder', widget=Textarea)
+ self.assertEqual('This is another placeholder', f.placeholder)
+ self.assertEqual('This is another placeholder', f.widget.attrs['placeholder'])
def test_charfield_widget_attrs(self):
Ensure that CharField.widget_attrs() always returns a dictionary.