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Fixes #19891 -- Travis CI support #1223

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qris commented May 27, 2013

This branch adds the necessary support for Travis into Django, as discussed on ticket #19891.

It runs all Django tests on the following environments:

  • SQLite, no GIS
  • MySQL, with and without GIS
  • PostgreSQL, with and without GIS

It also builds the docs. It does not currently run Selenium tests (because it cannot run ChromeDriver, even though it's executable and in the PATH).

Due to some quirks in Travis, it will try to build branches even if they have no .travis.yml file. It will try to build them as Ruby code, which will fail. Therefore this file must be created with some minimal contents in all regularly-changing branches of Django before enabling Travis, otherwise people will get email notifications when those branches are modified, triggering a Travis build which will fail. I suggest using a copy of .travis.yml from this branch.

I have also seen the ​build time out when running PostgreSQL tests (over 50 minutes). This may well happen again. We might need to split the PostgreSQL tests into two separate runs.

Many thanks to @dokterbob and @apollo13 who did all the hard work that made this possible.

qris added some commits May 26, 2013
@qris qris Fixes #20502 -- i18n test bug discovered by Travis.
If the following tests are run in this order:

* defaultfilters.tests.DefaultFiltersTests.test_localized_filesizeformat
* i18n.tests.AppResolutionOrderI18NTests

then the second test will fail because the first has cached the 'de'
translation before the second one changes INSTALLED_APPS to install
the test app, which has its own translation.
@qris qris Add the latest Travis configs from aptivate/django/travisci.
This should hopefully generate something which passes Travis CI tests
and can be reviewed for merge into Django master.

(rebased to clean up history after fixing Postgres build failures in
Django member

See comments on the ticket.

@apollo13 apollo13 closed this May 27, 2013
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