Fixed #6681 -- Don't break docutils when rendering reStructuredText. #1277

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This latest commit avoids the need to set a global default at all, so it should be compatible with any 3rd party code that needs to publish reStructuredText, and any 3rd party code that changes the global default like we were won't break admindocs.

We should probably squash these before merging, but I've left the earlier commit just to show the progression for any reviewers.

akaariai and others added some commits Aug 6, 2013

@akaariai akaariai Fixed ordering related test failure
Also PEP8 + python_2_unicode_compatible cleanup done.
@mjtamlyn mjtamlyn Merge pull request #1441 from loic/ticket16986
Fixed #16986 -- Model.clean() can report errors on individual fields.
@dominicrodger @timgraham dominicrodger Fixed #20852 - Fixed incorrectly generated left quotes in docs.
Sphinx generates left single quotes for apostrophes after
code markup, when right single quotes are required. The
easiest way to fix this is just by inserting the unicode
character for a right single quote.

Instances of the problem were found by looking for
">‘" in the generated HTML.
@timgraham Tai Lee Fixed #15511 -- Allow optional fields on ``MultiValueField` subclasses.
The `MultiValueField` class gets a new ``require_all_fields`` argument that
defaults to ``True``. If set to ``False``, individual fields can be made
optional, and a new ``incomplete`` validation error will be raised if any
required fields have empty values.

The ``incomplete`` error message can be defined on a `MultiValueField`
subclass or on each individual field. Skip duplicate errors.

timgraham commented Aug 6, 2013

Any idea if we can add a test for this?

Rebased onto master. Tests added. Lucky, because I found a bug in my implementation. Now we also restore the default role after temporarily setting it to cmsreference.

Do you want me to squash all these commits down?

Thanks for the review!

@timgraham timgraham commented on the diff Aug 7, 2013

@@ -43,3 +44,43 @@ def test_xview_class(self):
response = self.client.head('/xview/class/')
self.assertFalse('X-View' in response)
+class DefaultRoleTest(TestCase):

timgraham Aug 7, 2013


These tests should be skipped if docutils isn't installed

    import docutils
except ImportError:
    docutils = None

@unittest.skipUnless(docutils, "no docutils installed.")
class DefaultRoleTest(TestCase):

@timgraham timgraham commented on the diff Aug 7, 2013

+ markup % 'views/title/')
+ self.assertEqual(utils.parse_rst('`title`', 'template'),
+ markup % 'templates/title/')
+ self.assertEqual(utils.parse_rst('`title`', 'filter'),
+ markup % 'filters/#title')
+ self.assertEqual(utils.parse_rst('`title`', 'tag'),
+ markup % 'tags/#title')
+ def test_publish_parts(self):
+ """
+ Tests that Django hasn't broken the default role for interpreted text
+ when ``publish_parts`` is used directly, by setting it to
+ ``cmsreference``. See #6681.
+ """
+ try:
+ from docutils.core import publish_parts

timgraham Aug 7, 2013


can this be removed with the skip logic I added? If not, could you add a comment indicating the purpose?


timgraham commented Aug 7, 2013

It's easy enough to squash the commits when merging and having the individual commits makes reviewing a bit easier -- thanks again!


timgraham commented Oct 4, 2013

merged in bcd4c3f - thanks!

timgraham closed this Oct 4, 2013

mrmachine deleted the thirstydigital:tickets/6681-rst-default-role branch Feb 6, 2014

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