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@timgraham timgraham commented on an outdated diff Jan 23, 2014
@@ -60,6 +60,10 @@ for several versions of Django:
Django 1.3. Upon the release of Django 1.5, Django 1.3's security
support will end.
+* Long-term support (LTS) releases will receive security updates for
timgraham Jan 23, 2014 Django member

I'd prefer to link the text "Long-term support" to and remove the 2nd sentence here so we don't have to keep the list of LTS releases in two places.

Also, please note our commit message format so that the ticket will be closed automatically when the patch is merged.

@tragiclifestories tragiclifestories Fixed #21824 -- added reference to LTS in internals/security doc file
Extra bullet point under "Supported Versions", links to relevant
section of internals/release-process
Django member

Looks good, thanks. In the future, feel free to amend your original commit and force push. I've squashed the two commits and merged in 4d82094

@timgraham timgraham closed this Jan 24, 2014
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