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bbaja42 commented Feb 9, 2014

Small doc update, so that users of the documentation can easier understand what are database indexes.
Issue link https://code.djangoproject.com/ticket/21986
I'm not too familiar with django, so there could be a better link that wiki.

To test out my change, perform following steps:

  1. Checkout my change
  2. go to docs folder && run make html
  3. Open file _build/html/topics/db/optimization.html in a browser

Cavet: This is my first pull request, let me know if I've missed something.


colons commented on 560b56f Feb 9, 2014

The Wikipedia article for database indexing is a little dense on technical details. While a valuable resource for those looking for more detail, a passing hint that you should index fields you do lookups against often would serve most people reading this page as good as is Priam probably necessary.


timgraham commented Feb 10, 2014

Agreed, please send a new PR if you can expand this a bit as noted above and on the ticket, thanks!

timgraham closed this Feb 10, 2014

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