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9 digits phones for São Paulo/Brazil (Ticket #18536) #237

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Hey there -- django.contrib.localflavor is now deprecated, and we're not making any more changes to it. Could you reopen this pull request for the shiny new package django-localflavor-br? Here's the link:

Sorry we didn't get to this pull request before the deprecation. I hope it's not too much of a pain to migrate this to the new package.

seocam commented Oct 16, 2012

Thanks @adrianholovaty! Actually I like the idea of having local flavors apart from the django core. It will give a lot more flexibility mainly on updates.

Currently we discuss a lot about localflavors-br on the django l10n mailing list. What would be the right place to discuss features that could be included in the new django-localflavor-br? Maybe django-dev?

Django member

@seocam Glad you like it -- the greater flexibility is exactly why we wanted to do it.

I don't think django-dev is the right place to discuss country-specific localflavors. I'd suggest django-l10n instead, or maybe setting up a separate mailing list for the BR localflavor if that's not too much of a pain.

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