Fixed #22350 -- Consistently serialize bytes and text in migrations. #2501

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Thanks to treyhunner for the report and Loïc for the initial patch.

loic commented Apr 1, 2014



Is an additional test needed for this?

I find it somewhat concerning that this bug was able to slip through. I would imagine the test suite should have failed against Python 3.3 due to broken migrations.

loic commented Apr 1, 2014

It's pretty hard to test for this, you need to generate a migration with Python 2.7 then run it in Python 3.2 for the problem to show. Python 3.3 is fine since it supports the u'' prefix anyway.


I don't like that this results in a b prefix showing up everywhere (notably for the model and most field names). There is also still a bug in the options keys which I fixed in the last commit in this branch.

Example file:

# encoding: utf8
from __future__ import unicode_literals

from django.db import models, migrations

class Migration(migrations.Migration):

    dependencies = [

    operations = [
                ('id', models.AutoField(verbose_name='ID', serialize=False, auto_created=True, primary_key=True)),
                (b'from_email', models.TextField(verbose_name='from e-mail')),
                (b'recipients', models.TextField(verbose_name='recipients')),
                (b'subject', models.TextField(verbose_name='subject')),
                (b'body', models.TextField(verbose_name='body')),
                (b'ok', models.BooleanField(default=False, db_index=True, verbose_name='ok')),
                (b'date_sent', models.DateTimeField(auto_now_add=True, verbose_name='date sent', db_index=True)),
                'ordering': ('-date_sent',),
                'verbose_name': 'e-mail',
                'verbose_name_plural': 'e-mails',
loic commented Apr 1, 2014

@treyhunner, I suspect there will be a few more of these errors, I caught Promise with a quick survey, but there could be more.

Regarding b'' prefix, that's the only way to go as far as migrations are concerned, if we use bytes where we should be using str that has to be fixed in the rest of the codebase.


@treyhunner thanks for spotting the dict key issue, I'll merge your changes and add tests.

The point of this ticket is to make sure migrations generated by Django are portable between Python versions. Since field names defaults to their associated attribute names which a str (byte on Py2 and unicode on Py3) the correct way of fixing this cosmetic issue would be to make sure is always an instance of six.text_type.

@charettes charettes referenced this pull request in charettes/django Apr 1, 2014

Migration additional fix #1


@treyhunner, I added a assertion based on your initial approach for unicode prefix existence.

/cc @andrewgodwin I'd like to get your feedback before merging this. Did I overlook something?


No, this looks good to me. Good to see this being ironed out.


@charettes using lexical analysis is much better than the hack test I suggested. I'm very glad there's a test for that now.


Merged in 72d3889.

@charettes charettes closed this Apr 14, 2014
@charettes charettes deleted the charettes:ticket-22350-migration-string-literals branch Aug 3, 2016
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