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fix �lazy_number for python 2.7

@kwist-sgr kwist-sgr Update __init__.py
fix lazy_number for python 2.7

Hi kwist-sgr,
Please review Django's patch review checklist. In particular, you need to write a regression test and follow commit message format.


Django member

There are 23 instances of isinstance(..., int) in Django's source code (also 23 instances of isinstance(..., six.integer_types) as it happens.

The justification for using integer_types is where we need to accept instances of long as well as of int on python 2. The long datatype does not exist on python 3.

My inclination is that we should update all of the uses to be six.integer_types as not including long at the time was an oversight.

I have opened a ticket.

In any case, this patch is not usable, so I'm closing the PR.

@mjtamlyn mjtamlyn closed this Jun 15, 2014
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