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Bigint AutoField (fixes #56, #13774) #308

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Alternative approach to fix ticket 56.
Based on discussion #49
This approach doesn't change AutoField behavior. Only those who need extended int range may use it.
It keeps values ranges consistent between databases. Also it works nice with related fields.
Now with tests.

claudep added some commits Aug 23, 2012
@claudep claudep Fixed #12460 -- Improved inspectdb handling of special field names
Thanks mihail lukin for the report and elijahr and kgibula for their
work on the patch.
@claudep claudep Fixed #18843 -- Replaced more special chars in column names (inspectdb)
Thanks airstrike for the report.

Shouldn't it be
if new_name.find('') >0:

instead of
if new_name.find('
') >= 0: ?
same goes for the following conditions. Please correct me if I am wrong. Thanks!

Django member


From help(str.find) output: S.find(sub [,start [,end]]) -> int -- Return the lowest index in S where substring sub is found [...] Return -1 on failure.

So, the code is correct as it is.

ramiro and others added some commits Aug 23, 2012
@ramiro ramiro Modified docs about SpatiaLite version that doesn't need manual initi…
…al SQL file loading as per 675431d.
@kmtracey kmtracey Merge pull request #301 from carlospalol/quickfix/blog-post-typo
Fixed typo in docs
@timgraham timgraham Fixed #18847 - Updated for media examples to use …
…Thanks Jamie Curle.
@alex alex Cleaned up the implementation of in_bulk b7c3b04
@claudep claudep Added a GeoDjango test with a raw query (Refs #17448)
Thanks David Eklund for the initial patch.
@akaariai akaariai Fixed #16715 -- Fixed join promotion logic for nested nullable FKs
The joins for nested nullable foreign keys were often created as INNER
when they should have been OUTER joins. The reason was that only the
first join in the chain was promoted correctly. There were also issues
with select_related etc.

The basic structure for this problem was:
  A -[nullable]-> B -[nonnull]-> C

And the basic problem was that the A->B join was correctly LOUTER,
the B->C join not.

The major change taken in this patch is that now if we promote a join
A->B, we will automatically promote joins B->X for all X in the query.
Also, we now make sure there aren't ever join chains like:
If the a -> b needs to be LOUTER, then the INNER at the end of the
chain will cancel the LOUTER join and we have a broken query.

Sebastian reported this problem and did also major portions of the
@timgraham timgraham Fixed #18804 - Reorganized class based views docs a bit; thanks antho…
…nyb for the initial patch.
@timgraham timgraham Updated doc for settings.MEDIA_ROOT based on what's generated by sett…
…; thanks ryan-blunden.
@claudep claudep Fixed #17448 -- Improved test and documented raw-sql gis query 62e1c5a
@aaugustin aaugustin Fixed #18852 -- Restored backwards compatibility
in django.core.signing. Specifically, kept the same return types
(str/unicode) under Python 2. Related to [92b2dec].
@ramiro ramiro Fixed typo in model fields reference docs. c73f2bd
@pzinovkin pzinovkin Bigint AutoField
Fixes #56, #13774
Django member

This PR needs to be reworked so it doesn't include unrelated commits (caused by when someone accidentally force pushed to (django/django)).

@timgraham timgraham closed this Feb 7, 2014
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