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Ticket #18967: message/rfc822 attachments should not be base64 encoded #373

wants to merge 609 commits into from
and others added some commits January 12, 2013
Stephan Jaekel [1.5.x] Fixed #18026 -- Don't return an anonymous dict if extra_data …
…in storage is empty.

Backport of 97121cb from master.
Stephan Jaekel [1.5.x] Fixed #19024 -- Corrected form wizard docs for get_form_prefix.
Backport of 17f8496 from master.
Aymeric Augustin [1.5.x] Fixed typo in file storage docs.
Thanks Jørgen Abrahamsen.

Backport of 0ca2d1e.
Tim Graham [1.5.X] Added details on minified jQuery and DEBUG mode for contrib.a…

Thanks Daniele Procida.

Backport of 4720117 from master
Vinod Kurup [1.5.x] Fixed code examples in which render() calls were missing `req…
…uest` parameter.

5362134 from master.
Ramiro Morales [1.5.x] Minor DEBUG setting reference formatting edit.
1bbd36a from master.
Claude Paroz [1.5.x] Fixed #19092 -- Completed Lithuanian date/time formats
Thanks Tadas Dailyda for the report and the patch.
Backport of 2f8ab2f from master.
Tim Graham [1.5.x] Fixed #19605 - Removed unused url imports from doc examples.
Thanks sergzach for the suggestion.

Backport of 43f89e0 from master
Tim Graham [1.5.x] Clarified WizardView.get_form_prefix doc, refs #19024
Backport of c9b577e from master
Aymeric Augustin [1.5.x] Fixed #19614 -- Missing request argument in render call.
Thanks Dima Pravdin for the report.

Backport of 74d72e2.
Aymeric Augustin [1.5.x] Fixed a typo in the error reporting docs.
Backport of 83d0cc5.
Claude Paroz Updated core translations 321a6da
Claude Paroz Updated localflavor translations 3f9ab52
Claude Paroz Updated contrib apps translations 1e95d5b
Tim Graham [1.5.x] Fixed #19597 - Added some notes on jQuery in admin.
Thanks Daniele Procida.

Backport of d406afe from master
Claude Paroz Fixed i18n test to match changed translation ab6ff2e
Aymeric Augustin [1.5.x] Fixed #19632 -- Bug in code sample.
Thanks grossmanandy at bfusa com and Simon Charette.

Backport of 1dd7492.
Tim Graham [1.5.x] Fixed #19628 - Noted that app for custom user model must be i…

Thanks dpravdin and Jordan Messina.

Backport of 0375244 from master
[1.5.x] Fixed #19606 -- Adjusted cx_Oracle unicode detection.
Backpatch of d194f29
Florian Apolloner [1.5.X] Fixed #19596 -- Use `_default_manager` instead of `objects` i…
…n the auth app.

This is needed to support custom user models which don't define a manager
named `objects`.

Backport of cc4de61 from master.
Tim Graham [1.5.x] Fixed #19640 - Added inlineformset_factory to reference docs.
Thanks wim@ for the suggestion.

Backport of 5b2d9ba from master
Tim Graham [1.5.x] Fixed #19477 - Documented generic_inlineformset_factory
Thanks epicserve for the suggestion.

Backport of 214fb70 from master
Tim Graham [1.5.x] Fixed #19633 - Discouraged use of gunicorn's Django integration.
Backport of 0db8627 from master
Anssi Kääriäinen [1.5.x] Fixed #19652 -- Fixed .none() regression in related fields
The regression was caused by using .none() when querying for related
models, and the origin field's value was None. This resulted in missing
custom related manager subclass as .none() returns plain QuerySet.

This isn't backport from master, in master .none() correctly preserves
the queryset's class.

Patch provided by Simon Charette, with some minor polish by committer.
Tim Graham [1.5.x] Fixed #19610 - Added enctype note to forms topics doc.
Thanks will@ for the suggestion.

Backport of 0de2645 from master
Justin Bronn [1.5.x] Fixed typo.
Backport of 71c8539 from master
Aymeric Augustin [1.5.x] Avoided a possible regression in 5097d3c.
QuerySet.none() returns an instance of EmptyQuerySet, which may have
undesirable side effects in the presence of custom query set classes.

The implementation of .none() was refactored in master to have the same
effect as .filter(pk__in=[]).

Refs #19652.

Thanks Simon Charrette for the report.
Tim Graham [1.5.x] Fixed #19639 - Updated contributing to reflect model choices …
…best practices.

Thanks charettes.

Backport of eaa716a from master
Tim Graham [1.5.x] Fixed #19577 - Added HTML escaping to admin examples.
Thanks foo@ for the report and Florian Apolloner for the review.

Backport of eafc036 from master
Claude Paroz [1.5.x] Fixed #19665 -- Ensured proper stderr output for Command.run_…

Thanks Stefan Koegl for the report and Simon Charette for the review.
Backport of b9c8bbf from master.
Ramiro Morales [1.5.x] Added more shortcuts to i18n docs in index page.
5b99d5a from master
Tim Graham [1.5.x] Fixed a malformed link. c87f89c
Tim Graham [1.5.x] Fixed #19683 - Added a missing import in signing example.
Thanks sunsongxp@ for the report.

Backport of 537d44b from master
Tim Graham [1.5.x] Fixed typos in docs and comments
Backport of ee26797 from master
Aymeric Augustin [1.5.x] Fixed #19076 -- Added content_type attribute to TemplateView.
Thanks Gavin Wahl.

Backport of 23e319d.
Aymeric Augustin Added file forgotten in d5ad9d3. 256352a
Aymeric Augustin [1.5.x] Fixed #19692 -- Completed deprecation of mimetype in favor of…
… content_type.

Thanks Tim for the report and initial patch.

Backport of 89cb771 from master.
Ramiro Morales Enhanced traanslator comments documentation.
Partial (docs only) backport of 47ddd6a from master.
Aymeric Augustin [1.5.x] Fixed #19708 -- Exception in timezone.override(None).
Thanks rafales.

Backport of 9a4a1ce.
Claude Paroz [1.5.x] Fixed #19714 -- Updated documentation about TemplateView context
Thanks Aramgutang for the report. Refs #17228.
Backport of 56e5531 from master.
Aymeric Augustin [1.5.x] Documented ArchiveIndexView's date_list context variable.
Refs #16218.

Backport of a0c67c6.
Aymeric Augustin [1.5.x] Fix rst syntax error.
Thanks Chris Rebert for the report.

Backport of d75a54c.
Lucian Ursu [1.5.x] Fixed #19690 - Removed unused import in doc examples.
Backport of c6560e4 from master
Ramiro Morales [1.5.x] Fixed content types contrib app doc typos.
1ee40f2 from master.
Ramiro Morales [1.5.x] Small generic FK docs tweaks.
5f7eecd from master.
Claude Paroz [1.5.x] Fixed #18144 -- Added backwards compatibility with old unsalt…
…ed MD5 passwords

Thanks apreobrazhensky at for the report.
Backport of 63d6a50 from master.
Claude Paroz [1.5.x] Added missing parentheses in if clause
Backport of 1f8e7bb from master.
Claude Paroz [1.5.x] Lowered field ordering requirement in ogrinspect test
This test was randomly failing depending on the library environment.
Backport of a1c470a from master.
Tim Graham [1.5.x] Fixed #19700 - Added documentation for BoundField.field.
Thanks Tiberiu Ana for the report and patch.

Backport of fdaaa24 from master
Nick Sandford [1.5.x] Fixed #19445 -- Skip admin fieldsets validation when the Mode…
…lAdmin.get_form() method is overridden.

Backport of 0694d21
Julien Phalip [1.5.x] Fixed #19333 -- Moved outside of the admin static…
… folder. Thanks to camilonova, Russell Keith-Magee, Aymeric Augustin and Ramiro Morales for the feedback.

Backport of c9c40bc
Tim Graham [1.5.x] Fixed a typo in docs/topics/auth/customizing.txt
Backport of 2c173ff from master
Claude Paroz [1.5.x] Fixed #19725 -- Made createsuperuser handle non-ascii prompts
Thanks Michisu for the report.
Backport of 55c585f from master.
Claude Paroz [1.5.x] Updated translations (bn/es/eu/lb/mn) 7a90c6a
Simon Charette [1.5.x] Fixed #19734 -- Missing values in `DATETIME_INPUT_FORMATS` doc.
Also changed formating of `DATE_INPUT_FORMATS` and
`TIME_INPUT_FORMATS` for readability.

Thanks minddust for the report!

Backport of 5c70299 from master.
Claude Paroz [1.5.x] Fixed #19745 -- Forced resolution of verbose names in creates…

Thanks Baptiste Mispelon for the report and Preston Holmes for the review.
Backport of 2390fe3 from master.
Tim Graham [1.5.x] Fixed #19743 - Documented some limitations of contrib.auth.
Thanks Aymeric for the suggestion.

Backport of afa3e16 from master
Claude Paroz Partially revert 9efe1a7, strip_tags improvements
The new regex seems not stable enough for being released. Stripping
with regex might need reevaluation for the next release.
Refs #19237.
Julien Phalip [1.5.x] Fixed a typo in the test suite that was causing some spurious…
… failures with pypy.

Backport of 6afc85a
Tim Graham [1.5.x] Fixed #19756 - Corrected a ManyToMany example and added some …
…links and markup.

Backport of 43efefa from master
Tim Graham [1.5.x] Fixed #19706 - Tweaks to the tutorial.
Thanks Daniele Procida.

Backport of aa85ccf from master.
Aymeric Augustin [1.5.x] Fixed #19772 -- Handled APPEND_SLASH correctly in the redirec…
…ts app.

Backport of 64623a2.
Preston Holmes [1.5.x] Fixed #19662 -- alter auth modelbackend to accept custom user…
…name fields

Thanks to Aymeric and Carl for the review.
Preston Holmes [1.5.x] Fixed #19776 -- Added missing import for backport
line was present on master from 1520748
Claude Paroz [1.5.x] Fixed #19779 -- Checked contrib.sites presence in RedirectFal…

Thanks Aymeric Augustin for the report and directions for the patch.
Backport of 2ed90ea from master.
Julien Phalip [1.5.x] Cleaned up some lingering signals in the test suite that were…
… causing spurious failures with Pypy and Postgres.

Backport of db09a2d
Claude Paroz [1.5.x] Fixed #19749 -- Documented ending param to command's self.std…

Thanks xian at for the report.
Backport of 0201b9d from master
Tim Graham [1.5.x] Fixed #19699 - Removed "Please see the release notes" from ve…
…rsionadded/changed directives

Thanks Aymeric for the patch.

Backport of d93edff from master.
Preston Holmes [1.5.x] Made modwsgi groups_for_user consistent with check_password
2b5f848 based its changes on #19061
that made the is_active attribute mandatory for user models.
The try/except was not removed for the groups_for_user function.

refs #19780
Anssi Kääriäinen [1.5.x] Fixed #19645 -- Added tests for TransactionMiddleware
Backpatch of f556df9. Backpatching
these tests so that it will be easier to backpatch the fix for #19707.
Anssi Kääriäinen [1.5.x] Fixed #19707 -- Reset transaction state after requests
Backpatch of a4e97cf
Anssi Kääriäinen [1.5.x] Fixed #19638 -- Skipped tx support testing for some DBs
PostgreSQL and Oracle always support transactions, so the create table
and rollback test is non-necessary on those DBs.

Thanks to shai for report.

Backpatch of 0478780
Anssi Kääriäinen [1.5.x] Fixed #19720 -- Oracle ordering related delete regression
When a query had a complex where condition (a condition targeting more
than the base table) a subquery was used for deletion. However, the
query had default ordering from the model's meta and Oracle doesn't
work with ordered subqueries.

The regression was caused by fast-path deletion code introduced in
1cd6e04 for fixing #18676.

Thanks to Dylan Klomparens for the report.

Backpatch of 8ef3235
Anssi Kääriäinen [1.5.x] Fixed #19112 -- Reduced the amount of query params in a test
Backpatch of 604d876.
Claude Paroz [1.5.x] Emphasized MyISAM pseudo-requirement for GeoDjango over MySQL
Refs #15295.
Backport of 8fbc20b from master.
Anssi Kääriäinen [1.5.x] Made custom m2m fields without through easier to use
The change in f105fbe made through=None
m2m fields fail in cases where they worked before. It isn't possible to
create such fields using public APIs. The fix is trivial, so it seems
worth adding it.

This is not a backport from master. Master has gotten enough other
changes to related fields internal API that this fix alone isn't enough
to do any good.
Anssi Kääriäinen [1.5.x] Removed try-except in django.db.close_connection()
The reason was that the except clause needed to remove a connection
from the django.db.connections dict, but other parts of Django do not
expect this to happen. In addition the except clause was silently
swallowing the exception messages.

Refs #19707, special thanks to Carl Meyer for pointing out that this
approach should be taken.
Carl Meyer [1.5.x] Fix admindocs on Python 3, where None cannot be sorted with s…

This fixes two tests in admin_views which were failing on Python 3, but only if
the tests were run with docutils installed.
Claude Paroz [1.5.x] Fixed #19823 -- Fixed memcached code example in cache docs
Backport of 668d0b8 from master.
Ramiro Morales [1.5.x] Fixed #19729 -- Removed leftover refactoring helper variables.
Thanks chrismedrela for the report.

Refs #6262, 44b9076 and 4d94c0c.

826d9de from master.
Ramiro Morales [1.5.x] Typo in i18n docs.
112c6e9 from master.
Ramiro Morales [1.5.x] Mention backward relationships in aggregate docs.
Thanks Anssi and Marc Tamlyn for reviewing.

Fixes #19803.

0560bfb from master.
Ramiro Morales [1.5.x] Fix filtering during collection of paths in
Thanks Marek Brzóska for the report.

f179a51 from master.
Russell Keith-Magee [1.5.x] Fixed #19822 -- Added validation for uniqueness on USERNAME_F…
…IELD on custom User models.

Thanks to Claude Peroz for the draft patch.

(cherry picked from commit f5e4a69)
Julien Phalip [1.5.x] Fixed #19829 -- Fixed index lookups for NumPy arrays in templ…

Backport of 7d5e35c
Claude Paroz [1.5.x] Fixed #19807 -- Sanitized getpass input in createsuperuser
Python 2 getpass on Windows doesn't accept unicode, even when
containing only ascii chars.
Thanks Semmel for the report and tests.
Backport of 02e5909 from master.
Claude Paroz [1.5.x] Avoided unneeded assertion on Python 3
Fixes failure introduced in 02e5909.
Claude Paroz [1.5.x] Fixed geos test to prevent random failure
Points in the test fixtures have 20 as max coordinate.
Backport of 87854b0 from master.
Russell Keith-Magee [1.5.x] Refs #14881 -- Document that User models need to have an inte…
…ger primary key.

Thanks to Kaloian Minkov for the reminder about this undocumented requirement.

(cherry picked from commit 91c26ea)
Claude Paroz [1.5.x] Fixed #19833 -- Fixed import parameter encoding in get_runner
Thanks Danilo Bargen for the report.
Backport of 6323616 from master.
Alex Hunley [1.5.x] Fixed #19719 - Removed misleading example from ModelForm docu…

Backport of 976dc07 from master
Tim Graham [1.5.x] Fixed #19812 - Removed a duplicate phrase in the widget docs.
Thanks diegueus9 for the report and itsallvoodoo for the draft patch.

Backport of 7a80904 from master
Tim Graham [1.5.x] Fixed #19824 - Corrected the class described for Field.primar…
…y_key from IntegerField to AutoField.

Thanks Keryn Knight.

Backport of 218bbef from master
Simon Meers [1.5.x] Corrected INSTALLED_APPS syntax in 1.5 release notes.
Backport of 9c2066d from master.
Tim Graham [1.5.X] Fixed #19717 - Removed mentions of "root QuerySet" in docs.
Thanks julien.aubert.mail@ for the report and James Pic for the patch.

Backport of 64d0f89 from master
Richard Bronosky

It would be great to see some test text that fails on the old way but passes on the new way.

import re
re_old = re.compile(r'</?\S([^=]*=(\s*"[^"]*"|\s*\'[^\']*\'|\S*)|[^>])*?>', re.IGNORECASE)
re_new = re.compile(r'<[^>]*?>', re.IGNORECASE)

test_text = '<a href="" id="the_ticket" class="not_working needs_help regex_wtf">Partially revert 9efe1a721, strip_tags improvements - 20ac331 - django/django</a>'
expected_result = 'Partially revert 9efe1a721, strip_tags improvements - 20ac331 - django/django'

result_new = re_new.sub('', test_text)
result_old = re_old.sub('', test_text)
print(result_new==expected_result, result_new)
print(result_old==expected_result, result_old)

Please replace test_text and expected_result with the breaky breaky stuff. Thanks.


Yes, we really need a good bunch of tests. Please follow-up on the ticket instead (

and others added some commits February 09, 2013
Carl Meyer [1.5.x] Added a new required ALLOWED_HOSTS setting for HTTP host head…
…er validation.

This is a security fix; disclosure and advisory coming shortly.
Carl Meyer [1.5.x] Restricted the XML deserializer to prevent DoS attacks.
This is a security fix. Disclosure and advisory coming shortly.
Carl Meyer [1.5.x] Checked object permissions on admin history view.
This is a security fix. Disclosure and advisory coming shortly.

Patch by Russell Keith-Magee.
Aymeric Augustin [1.5.x] Added a default limit to the maximum number of forms in a for…

This is a security fix. Disclosure and advisory coming shortly.
Carl Meyer [1.5.x] Update 1.5 release notes for XML and formset fixes. 84ce990
James Bennett [1.5.x] Bump version numbers for security release. 18d920e
Stefan "hr" Berder (白峰) [1.5.X] Fixed typo in docs/topics/class-based-views/generic-display.txt
Backport of 22d5e4b from master
Tim Graham [1.5.X] Fixed #19728 - Updated API stability doc to reflect current m…
…eaning of "stable".

Backport of 132d582 from master
Carl Meyer Don't characterize XML vulnerabilities as DoS-only. c7f80b4
Carl Meyer [1.5.x] Fixed #19857 -- Fixed broken docs link in project template. 8d4342f
Anssi Kääriäinen [1.5.x] Fixed #19672 -- Error in negated Q() filtering
There was a variable overwrite error in negated join filtering. This
happened when add_filter() was adding the IS NULL condition to the
WHERE clause.

This is not a backport from master as there have been some other
refactorings which made this patch irrelevant.

The patch is from Ian Kelly.
Anssi Kääriäinen [1.5.x] Made a couple of selenium tests wait for page loaded
The admin_widgets tests were issuing click() to the browser but
didn't wait for the effects of those clicks. This caused the resulting
request to be processed concurrently with the test case. When using
in-memory SQLite this caused weird failures.

Also added wait_page_loaded() to admin selenium tests for code

Fixed #19856, backpatch of 50677b2
Preston Holmes [1.5.x] Fixed #19868 -- Clarified purpose of custom user example b17a572
Anssi Kääriäinen [1.5.x] Fixed empty strings + to_field regression on Oracle
Querying the reverse side of nullable to_field relation, where both
sides can contain null values resulted in incorrect results. The reason
was not detecting '' as NULL.

Refs #17541, backpatch of 09fcb70.
Anssi Kääriäinen [1.5.x] Fixed Oracle regression in last_executed_query() with unicode…
… strings

The regression was likely caused by the fix in #19606 which adjusted
Oracle's unicode detection, though it seems this would have been an
issue in some configurations even before.

Backpatch of ce094e5
Jannis Leidel [1.5.X] Fixed #19850 -- Use configured staticfiles storage to find th…
…e URL of a static file in the admin.
Tim Graham [1.5.x] Fixed #17094 - Typo in class-based views doc.
Thanks alej0 for the report.

Backport of c89717f from master.
Tim Graham [1.5.x] Changed "mysite/mytemplates/" -> "mysite/templates" in tutorial.
Thanks James Pic.

Backport of 1b7fb29 from master.
Tim Graham [1.5.x] Fixed #19887 - Noted when callables may be used in ModelAdmin…
….fields and ModelAdmin.fieldset.

Thanks Patrick Strasser for the suggestion and Zbigniew Siciarz for the patch.

Backport of 722683f from master.
Tim Graham [1.5.X] Fixed #19675 - Added mention of static files to overview.
Thanks Dwight Gunning for the patch.

Backport of a61dbd6 from master
Tim Graham [1.5.X] Updated static file example in overview to use static templat…
…e tag, refs #19675.

Thanks jezdez for the note.

Backport of 9e959e8 from master
Tim Graham [1.5.x] Fixed #19752 - Changed Postgres version numbers to 9.x to avo…
…id having to update them each minor release.

Backport of 8d17114 from master.
Tim Graham [1.5.X] Updated example to use staticfiles static template tag, thank…
…s reinout for the suggestion, refs #19675.

Backport of f3ae67a from master
Tim Graham [1.5.X] Fixed #19775 - Clarified requirements of the "default" database.
Thanks monkut for the report and wsmith323 for the patch.

Backport of 31bcb10 from master
Tim Graham [1.5.X] Fixed #19880 - Fixed an error in the form wizard initial_dict…
… example.

Thanks almalki for the report.

Backport of 9b97f01 from master
Tim Graham [1.5.X] Fixed #19579 - Documented that "providing_args" is purely doc…

Backport of 4c05fdb from master
Grzegorz Nosek [1.5.x] Fixed #19895 -- Made second iteration over invalid queryset r…
…aise an exception too

When iteration over a queryset raised an exception, the result cache
remained initialized with an empty list, so subsequent iterations returned
an empty list instead of raising an exception

Backport of 2cd0eda from master.
Tim Graham [1.5.X] Fixed #19402 - Clarified purpose of CustomUser.REQUIRED_FIELDS
Thanks pydanny for the report and ptone for the patch.

Backport of 24a2bcb from master
Tim Graham [1.5.X] Added an example of "default" database dictionary left blank;…
… refs #19775.

Thanks wsmith323 for the patch.

Backport of cf890c1 from master
Preston Holmes [1.5.x] Made a small clarification in tutorial.
refs #19889
Ben Konrath [1.5.x] Fixed #19394 --Added note about auth forms and custom user mo…
Simon Charette [1.5.x] Fixed #19688 -- Allow model subclassing with a custom metacla…
…ss using six.with_metaclass

Backport of 6b03179 from master.

Although we're post RC 2, I'm backporting this because it's arguably a
major bug in a new feauture that will prevent several well-known
third-party apps from being ported to Python 3.
Aymeric Augustin [1.5.x] Changed testing strategy used in 6b03179.
Avoid polluting the app cache as it causes unrelated test failures.

Refs #19688.

Backport of 7b49da1 from master.
Carl Meyer [1.5.x] Minor edits to some recently-added admin docs.
Backport of 8f839aa from master.
Claude Paroz [1.5.x] Fixed #19903 -- Fixed unbalanced setUp/tearDown calls in Live…
…ServerAddress test

Backport of 6d52bcb from master.
Claude Paroz [1.5.x] Updated translations 3fb9840
Aymeric Augustin [1.5.x] Fixed #18144 -- Restored compatibility with SHA1 hashes with …
…empty salt.

Thanks dahool for the report and initial version of the patch.

Backport of 633d8de from master.
Aymeric Augustin [1.5.x] Fixed #6195 -- Documented caching options for javascript_cata…

Backport of 0836670 from master
Aymeric Augustin [1.5.x] Fixed #19634 -- Added proper __hash__ methods.
Classes overriding __eq__ need a __hash__ such that equal objects have
the same hash.

Thanks akaariai for the report and regebro for the patch.

Backport of e76147a from master.
James Bennett [1.5.x] Bump version numbers for Django 1.5 release. e7f2c6f
James Bennett [1.5.x] Add release date to 1.5 release notes. 61283a8
James Bennett [1.5.x] Update trove classifier for 1.5 final release. 5209382
James Bennett [1.5.x] Correct final element of version tuple. b170c07
[1.5.x] Fixed #19922 - Typo in translation docs.
Thanks amoebob for the report.

Backport of 9ce1b61 from master
Łukasz Langa [py3] Always fed hashlib with bytes. bbe8205
Tim Graham [1.5.x] Fixed #16807 - Added a class-based views intro.
Thanks Preston Holmes for the text.

Backport of 2108941 from master
Claude Paroz [1.5.x] Fixed #19926 -- Fixed a link to code example in queries docs
Thanks Randy Salvo for the report.
Backport of b0ba21d from master.
Marti [1.5.x] [py3] str.decode does not exist; str.encode was intended
Backport of fba6df1 from master
Tim Graham [1.5.x] Fixed #19937 - Typo in class-based views intro.
Backport of d009ffe from master
Claude Paroz [1.5.x] Fixed #19960 -- Fixed sentence in contrib.auth signals docs
Thanks edd at for the report.
Backport of 6d3b0c3 from master.
Tim Graham [1.5.x] Fixed #19962 - Added a note about SESSION_EXPIRE_AT_BROWSER_C…
…LOSE and browsers that persist sessions.

Thanks David Sanders.

Backport of fe5d9fe from master
Claude Paroz [1.5.x] Fixed #19933 -- Catched ValueError in get_system_username
Thanks lanre.hbs at for the report.
Claude Paroz [1.5.x] Fixed #20008 -- Removed trailing slash in Wikipedia link
Thanks senden9 at for the report.
Backport of 63c52dc from master.
Tim Graham [1.5.x] Fixed #19965 - Added a warning that the tutorial is written f…
…or Python 2.

Thanks itsallvoodoo for the patch.

Backport of e1bafdb from master.
Claude Paroz [1.5.x] Fixed #20036 -- Improved GEOS version string parsing
Thanks chikiro.spam at for the report.
Backport of 747f7d2 from master.
Florian Apolloner [1.5.x] Updated our six module to follow upstream changes.
This includes fixes for the java/jython detection and a new license header.

Thanks to Thomas Bartelmess for the report.

Backport of c5ce0e8 from master.
Aymeric Augustin [1.5.x] Updated bundled version of six.
Backport of e11ccc7.
Aymeric Augustin [1.5.x] Stopped using non-standard __globals__ and __code__ attributes.
Some alternative implementations don't have them.

Closes #19944.

Backport of 9d4a5b0 from master.
Aymeric Augustin [1.5.x] Minor docs fix for e11ccc7.
Backport of f3a6d74 from master.
Matthew Wood [1.5.x] Fixed #20051 -- Specified where to define `TEMPLATE_DIRS`. 5c78877
Claude Paroz [1.5.x] Revert "Fixed #19895 -- Made second iteration over invalid qu…
…eryset raise an exception too"

This reverts commit d1e87eb.
This commit was the cause of a memory leak. See ticket for more details.
Thanks Anssi Kääriäinen for identifying the source of the bug.
Claude Paroz [1.5.x] Fixed #20096 -- Added link to the Greek localflavor app
Backport of a9ee0e2 from master.
Tim Graham [1.5.x] Fixed #17935 - Clarified intro of topics/files.txt.
Thanks guettli for the suggestion.

Backport of f7795e9 from master
Marc Tamlyn [1.5.x] Fixed #20094 - Be more careful when checking for Iterator
Python 2.6 has some different behaviour when checking
isinstance(foo, collections.Iterator).
Backport of 829dc3c from master.
Claude Paroz [1.5.x] Fixed #20108 -- Fixed filepath_to_uri decoding error
This was a regression due to unicode_literals usage. Thanks Ivan
Virabyan for the report and the initial patch.
Backport of 164528a from master.
Tom V [1.5.x] Fixed docs template name typo
Backport of a907fa0 from master
Tim Graham [1.5.x] Added missing markup to docs.
Backport of 93cffc3 from master.
Russell Keith-Magee [1.5.x] Fixed #20048, #20060 -- Modified tests for contrib apps sensi…
…tive to custom User models.

Thanks to matiasb for the report of #20060 and the draft patch for #20048.

(cherry picked from commit 930af66)
Claude Paroz [1.5.x] Fixed #20119 -- Fixed typo in auth docs
Thanks vinyll for the report.
Backport of f670cce from master.
Yohan Boniface [1.5.X] Fixed signature of HttpResponse.set_signed_cookie in docs.
Backport of c5b2414 from master
Anssi Kääriäinen [1.5.x] Fixed #20091 -- Oracle null promotion for empty strings
Backpatch of e17fa9e
Donald Stufft Document password truncation with BCryptPasswordHasher 33c4abb
Donald Stufft Merge pull request #961 from dstufft/document-bcrypt-truncation-1.5.x
Document password truncation with BCryptPasswordHasher
Preston Holmes [1.5.x] Fixed #18985 -- ensure module level deprecations are displayed
Also don't compete with -W CLI option.

Thanks to Aymeric Augustin for the catch, and Claude Paroz for the patch.

Backport of e79b857 from master.
Jacob Kaplan-Moss [1.5.x] Fixed #20078: don't allow filtering on password in the user a…

Backport of 9e462f8 from master.
Jacob Kaplan-Moss [1.5.x] Fixed logging-related test failure introduced by e79b857.
Backport of 654d8e9.
Jacob Kaplan-Moss [1.5.x] Correctly restore warning capture after logging tests.
This is a fix to the wrong behavior that 15c3906 introduced.

Backport of 4befef9 from trunk.
Claude Paroz Updated translations from Transifex
Polish, Telugu, Georgian, Azerbaijani, Norwegian Bokmål, Basque,
Dutch, Thai, Spanish (Argentina), Afrikaans.
Jacob Kaplan-Moss [1.5.x] Added 1.5.1 release notes.
Backport of ae5247c from master.
Jacob Kaplan-Moss Bump version numbers for 1.5.1. 2847ae6
Jacob Kaplan-Moss Bumped version number post-release. 1cf4968
Ferhat Elmas [1.5.x] Fixed #20146 -- Updated removed_tags example
Backport of e5d252f from master.
Tim Graham [1.5.x] Improved FormView docs in class-based views index.
Thanks Stefan Berder.

Backport of 738eef0 from master
Gavin Wahl [1.5.x] Fixed spelling errors
Backport of ec04fd1 from master
Maik Hoepfel [1.5.x] Removed ambiguity regarding LANGUAGES setting
Backport of a05042f from master
Nimesh Ghelani [1.5.x] Fixed #20150 -- Fixed an error in manager doc example
Backport of 485c024 from master
Tim Graham [1.5.x] Fixed #15379 - Added "how to cite Django" to FAQ.
Thanks Russ and Susan Tan.

Backport of 9916e69 from master
Tim Graham [1.5.X] Fixed #19582 - Added a static files tutorial.
Thanks James Pic.

Backport of c32fc79 from master
Tim Graham [1.5.x] Fixed #19897 - Updated static files howto.
Thanks Jan Murre, Reinout van Rees and Wim Feijen,
plus Remco Wendt for reviewing.

Backport of i6c730da1f from master.
Richard Cornish [1.5.X] Updated bios of committers
Backport of 6e67d76 from master
Tim Graham [1.5.X] Fixed #18277 - Clarified startproject documentation.
Backport of 3350360 from master
Tim Graham [1.5.X] Fixed #19492 - Added a link to the uWSGI/Django tutorial.
Backport of 91d06ea from master
Tim Graham [1.5.x] Fixed #20168 - Generalized a PostgreSQL specific database que…
…ry in the docs.

Thanks Russ for the suggestion.

Backport of c119d0f from master
Tim Graham [1.5.x] Fixed #9913 - Clarified User.is_authenticated docs.
Thanks rshea for the draft text.

Backport of ac4d82b from master
Tim Graham [1.5.x] Fixed #8649 - Documented a caveat about dynamically adjusting…
… formsets.

Backport of 4a1d425 from master
Julien Phalip [1.5.x] Fixed #20169 -- Ensured that the WSGI request's path is corre…
…ctly based on the `SCRIPT_NAME` environment parameter or the `FORCE_SCRIPT_NAME` setting, regardless of whether or not those have a trailing slash. Thanks to bmispelon for the review.

Backport of 2f81a0c
Simon Charette [1.5.x] Fixed #20207 -- Handle ManyToManyField with a unicode name co…

Backport of 216580e.
Tim Graham [1.5.x] Fixed #20204 - Consistent usage of url() in URL dispatcher do…

Thanks Baptiste Mispelon for the patch and dave.lampton@ for the suggestion.

Backport of c852d45 from master.
Claude Paroz [1.5.x] Fixed #20237 -- Reenabled assertContains with binary parameter
Thanks Baptiste Mispelon for the review.
Backport of fe01404 from master.
Andrew Badr [1.5.x] Removed incorrect phrase from DecimalField docs
Backport of 408da7b from master
Tim Graham [1.5.x] Fixed #20243 - Clarified when RelatedManager.remove() exists.
Backport of 712a792 from master
Claude Paroz [1.5.x] Documented BoundField.label_tag
Backport of 0f99246 from master.
Baptiste Mispelon [1.5.x] Fixed #20211: Document backwards-incompatible change in Bound…

Also cleaned up label escaping and consolidated the test suite regarding
Backport of ab68602 from master.
Tim Graham [1.5.x] Fixed #20248 - Clarified vs.
Backport of 8fc68af from master
Claude Paroz [1.5.x] Fixed #20237 (again) Allowed binary parameter to assertContains
Backport of b04fd57 from master.
Claude Paroz [1.5.x] Fixed #20252 -- Mentionned geojson Spatialite support from 1.5
Thanks burton449geo at for the report.
Backport of d58e985 from master.
Tim Graham [1.5.x] Fixed #20247 - Added some missing paths in the tutorial.
Thanks gsavix for the suggestion and patch.

Backport of aad5661 from master.
Claude Paroz [1.5.x] Fixed geojson detection with Spatialite
This is a partial backport of commit eb9430f. Without this,
geojson support is never detected with Spatialite.
Refs #20252 and #19028.
Simon Charette [1.5.x] Fixed #20263 -- Corrected wording in the formset documentation.
Thanks to feraudyh at for the report.

Backport of 1de63cc from master.
Simon Charette [1.5.x] Fixed #20262 -- Replaced a reference to the wrong model in th…
…e CBV doc.

Thanks to mossplix for the review and bmispelon for the review.

Backport of b0bbccf from master.
Claude Paroz [1.5.x] Fixed #20266 -- Updated view example in CBV introduction
Thanks jim at for the report.
Backport of 58b3a97 from master.
Tim Graham [1.5.x] Fixed #20286 - Typo in static files docs.
Thanks bmispelon.

Backport of f71fdf8 from master
Tim Graham [1.5.x] Fixed #20285 - Added missing commas in translation docs.
Thanks cody.j.b.scott@

Backport of 9f7b277 from master
Baptiste Mispelon [1.5.x] Fixed #20270 -- Fixed error in AjaxResponseMixin documentation
Backport of 73c26f0 from master.
Thomas Thurman [1.5.x] Fixed #20307 -- Word repeated in tutorial.
Replaced "the the" in the tutorial with "the".

Backport of f17aa99 from master.
Jannis Leidel [1.5.x] Fixed the reusable apps docs to use a rst file extension for …
…the README and follow PEP8 a bit more.

Backport of 949b4e9 from master.
Jannis Leidel [1.5.x] Fixed a rST bug in the README template in the reusable apps d…

Backport of db394e6 from master.
Claude Paroz [1.5.x] Updated Transifex links to the Django project
Translations for the Django framework are now hosted on the
django-core Transifex project, and the django project is only
dedicated to a team-only hub project.
Backport of 8f7276b from master.
Florian Apolloner [1.5.x] Fixed #19252 -- Added support for wheel packages.
Backport from master (a5becad).

Signed-off-by: Jannis Leidel <>
Claude Paroz [1.5.x] Fixed #20309 -- is not automatically created in Djan…
…go 1.5
Florian Apolloner [1.5.x] Fixed test failures introduced in a5becad.
Backport of 780fa48 from master
Tim Graham [1.5.x] Fixed #20305 - Added include for polls/static to …
…in tutorial.

Thanks monuszko for the report.

Backport of 86d3079 from master
Tim Graham [1.5.x] Fixed #20274 - Added some clarifying section headings in the …
…test docs.

Backport of e886808 from master
Tim Graham [1.5.x] Fixed #20177 - Corrected docs for django.test.utils.setup_tes…

Thanks for the report.

Backport of bc02a96 from master
[1.5.x] Fixed #20354 -- `makemessages` no longer crashes with `Unicod…

Handle the `UnicodeDecodeError` exception, send a warning to `stdout` with the
file name and location, and continue processing other files.
Backport of 99a6f0e from master.
Aymeric Augustin [1.5.x] [py3] Stopped iterating on exceptions. Refs #20025.
Backport of 86b4ac6 from master.
Aymeric Augustin [1.5.x] Fixed #20025 -- Pointed to a MySQLdb fork for Python 3.
Made a few minor compatibility adjustments.

Backport of e81e319 from master.
Aymeric Augustin [1.5.x] Fixed #20385 -- Typo in files docs.
Backport of bdd2857 from master.
Tim Graham [1.5.X] Fixed #20249 - Removed a "feature" in the tutorial that doesn…
…'t actually work.

Thanks bmispelon for the report and draft patch.

Backport of 679a2ac from master
Tim Graham [1.5.X] Fixed #20136 - Fixed and expanded the docs for loaddata and m…
…odel signals.

Thanks brandon@ and Anssi for the report.

Backport of 2c62a50 from master
Simeon Visser [1.5.X] Fixed #20397 - Cleaned up issue with quotation marks in docum…

Backport of b9efc03 from master
Tim Graham [1.5.x] Fixed #20398 - Added language selection code to example in do…

Thanks ggbaker for the suggestion and Simeon Visser for the patch.

Backport of 897e4ea from master
zhongqi [1.5.x] Fixed #20394 - Clarified argument of get_user in docs
Backport of 1172bef from master.
Wilfred Hughes [1.5.x] Fixed a minor spelling mistake in the queryset documentation
Backport of d258cce from master
Tim Graham [1.5.x] Fixed #20165 - Updated testing example to use django.test.Tes…

Thanks Lorin Hochstein.

Backport of 84d8b24 from master.
Tim Graham [1.5.x] Fixed #19712 - Clarified admindocs regarding which attributes…
… appear.

Thanks Daniele Procida for the report.

Backport of b5b6307 from master
Tim Graham [1.5.x] Fixed #20421 - Typo in class-based view docs.
Backport of 289afc3 from master
Tim Graham [1.5.x] Fixed #20335 - Documented the {% language %} template tag.
Thanks bmispelon for the suggestion and djangsters for the patch.

Backport of 96cabba from master
Erik Romijn [1.5.x] Fixed #20446 -- Documentation for SmallIntegerField does not …
…clarify 'small'

Backport of 56e2f6c from master
Tim Graham [1.5.x] Fixed #20284 - Added a note about DEBUG in static file docs.
Thanks wim@ for the suggestion and Nicolas Noé for the patch.

Backport of 2c84f44 from master
Tim Graham [1.5.X] Fixed #20183 - Clarified docs assumption that certain objects…
… exist in database.

Thanks Tomasz Jaskowski for the patch.

Backport of 41bea03 from master
Tim Graham [1.5.x] Added some links in /docs/intro/overview.txt
Thanks Claes Ström for the patch.

Backport of bdde7fe from master.
Alasdair Nicol [1.5.x] Fixed typo in redirect view docs
Backport of 4288757 from master
Anssi Kääriäinen [1.5.x] Fixed #20278 -- ensured .get() exceptions do not recurse infi…

A regression caused by d5b93d3 made .get() error
reporting recurse infinitely on certain rare conditions. Fixed this by
not trying to print the given lookup kwargs.

Backpatch of 266c0bb
Tim Graham [1.5.x] Tweaked unit test 'quick start' explanation.
Thanks Jeremy Dunck.

Backport of 490672f from master
Anssi Kääriäinen [1.5.x] Fixed prefetch_related + pickle regressions
There were a couple of regressions related to field pickling. The
regressions were introduced by QuerySet._known_related_objects caching.

The regressions aren't present in master, the fix was likely in

Fixed #20157, fixed #20257. Also made QuerySets with model=None
Daniel Lindsley [1.5.x] Fixed #20212 - __reduce__ should only be defined for Py3+. cb9aaac
Claude Paroz [1.5.x] Imported copyreg from six.moves fa90ef2
Aymeric Augustin [1.5.x] Fixed #20476 -- Typo.
Backport of 5d16456.
Tim Graham [1.5.x] Fixed #17048 - Added docs for upgrading Django.
Thanks Donald Stufft for the suggestion and
Susan Tan and Brian Fabian Crain for the patch.

Backport of ef8a9bc from master.
Tim Graham [1.5.x] Added a note about pip upgrade flag.
Thanks Jannis Leidel for the suggestion.

Backport of 0e45f75 from master
Tim Graham [1.5.x] Added some text I meant to add in the last commit.
Backport of 2699219 from master
Ramiro Morales [1.5.x] Tweaked a reST construct in template API docs. Refs #20104. a6ff705
Michael Farrell Fix for issue #18967: message/rfc822 attachments should not be base64…
… encoded
Michael Farrell Issue #18967: Added regression/feature tests for encoding exceptions,…
… made the rules only apply on message/rfc822 mime-types and not all message/* mimetypes.
Michael Farrell

Closed this as rebasing has entirely confused GitHub, and it is no longer against the correct target.

New pull request: #1202

Michael Farrell micolous closed this May 23, 2013
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