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Ticket #18967: message/rfc822 attachments should not be base64 encoded #373

wants to merge 609 commits into
base: master


None yet

micolous commented Sep 17, 2012

stephrdev and others added some commits Jan 12, 2013

[1.5.x] Fixed typo in file storage docs.
Thanks Jørgen Abrahamsen.

Backport of 0ca2d1e.
[1.5.X] Added details on minified jQuery and DEBUG mode for contrib.a…

Thanks Daniele Procida.

Backport of 4720117 from master
[1.5.x] Fixed #19092 -- Completed Lithuanian date/time formats
Thanks Tadas Dailyda for the report and the patch.
Backport of 2f8ab2f from master.
[1.5.x] Fixed #19605 - Removed unused url imports from doc examples.
Thanks sergzach for the suggestion.

Backport of 43f89e0 from master
[1.5.x] Fixed #19614 -- Missing request argument in render call.
Thanks Dima Pravdin for the report.

Backport of 74d72e2.
[1.5.x] Fixed #19597 - Added some notes on jQuery in admin.
Thanks Daniele Procida.

Backport of d406afe from master
[1.5.x] Fixed #19632 -- Bug in code sample.
Thanks grossmanandy at bfusa com and Simon Charette.

Backport of 1dd7492.
[1.5.x] Fixed #19628 - Noted that app for custom user model must be i…

Thanks dpravdin and Jordan Messina.

Backport of 0375244 from master
[1.5.X] Fixed #19596 -- Use `_default_manager` instead of `objects` i…
…n the auth app.

This is needed to support custom user models which don't define a manager
named `objects`.

Backport of cc4de61 from master.
[1.5.x] Fixed #19640 - Added inlineformset_factory to reference docs.
Thanks wim@ for the suggestion.

Backport of 5b2d9ba from master
[1.5.x] Fixed #19477 - Documented generic_inlineformset_factory
Thanks epicserve for the suggestion.

Backport of 214fb70 from master
[1.5.x] Fixed #19652 -- Fixed .none() regression in related fields
The regression was caused by using .none() when querying for related
models, and the origin field's value was None. This resulted in missing
custom related manager subclass as .none() returns plain QuerySet.

This isn't backport from master, in master .none() correctly preserves
the queryset's class.

Patch provided by Simon Charette, with some minor polish by committer.
[1.5.x] Fixed #19610 - Added enctype note to forms topics doc.
Thanks will@ for the suggestion.

Backport of 0de2645 from master
[1.5.x] Fixed typo.
Backport of 71c8539 from master
[1.5.x] Avoided a possible regression in 5097d3c.
QuerySet.none() returns an instance of EmptyQuerySet, which may have
undesirable side effects in the presence of custom query set classes.

The implementation of .none() was refactored in master to have the same
effect as .filter(pk__in=[]).

Refs #19652.

Thanks Simon Charrette for the report.
[1.5.x] Fixed #19639 - Updated contributing to reflect model choices …
…best practices.

Thanks charettes.

Backport of eaa716a from master
[1.5.x] Fixed #19577 - Added HTML escaping to admin examples.
Thanks foo@ for the report and Florian Apolloner for the review.

Backport of eafc036 from master
[1.5.x] Fixed #19665 -- Ensured proper stderr output for Command.run_…

Thanks Stefan Koegl for the report and Simon Charette for the review.
Backport of b9c8bbf from master.

aaugustin and others added some commits May 10, 2013

[1.5.X] Fixed #20249 - Removed a "feature" in the tutorial that doesn…
…'t actually work.

Thanks bmispelon for the report and draft patch.

Backport of 679a2ac from master
[1.5.X] Fixed #20136 - Fixed and expanded the docs for loaddata and m…
…odel signals.

Thanks brandon@ and Anssi for the report.

Backport of 2c62a50 from master
[1.5.x] Fixed #20398 - Added language selection code to example in do…

Thanks ggbaker for the suggestion and Simeon Visser for the patch.

Backport of 897e4ea from master
[1.5.x] Fixed #20165 - Updated testing example to use django.test.Tes…

Thanks Lorin Hochstein.

Backport of 84d8b24 from master.
[1.5.x] Fixed #19712 - Clarified admindocs regarding which attributes…
… appear.

Thanks Daniele Procida for the report.

Backport of b5b6307 from master
[1.5.x] Fixed #20335 - Documented the {% language %} template tag.
Thanks bmispelon for the suggestion and djangsters for the patch.

Backport of 96cabba from master
[1.5.x] Fixed #20284 - Added a note about DEBUG in static file docs.
Thanks wim@ for the suggestion and Nicolas Noé for the patch.

Backport of 2c84f44 from master
[1.5.X] Fixed #20183 - Clarified docs assumption that certain objects…
… exist in database.

Thanks Tomasz Jaskowski for the patch.

Backport of 41bea03 from master
[1.5.x] Added some links in /docs/intro/overview.txt
Thanks Claes Ström for the patch.

Backport of bdde7fe from master.
[1.5.x] Fixed #20278 -- ensured .get() exceptions do not recurse infi…

A regression caused by d5b93d3 made .get() error
reporting recurse infinitely on certain rare conditions. Fixed this by
not trying to print the given lookup kwargs.

Backpatch of 266c0bb
[1.5.x] Tweaked unit test 'quick start' explanation.
Thanks Jeremy Dunck.

Backport of 490672f from master
[1.5.x] Fixed prefetch_related + pickle regressions
There were a couple of regressions related to field pickling. The
regressions were introduced by QuerySet._known_related_objects caching.

The regressions aren't present in master, the fix was likely in

Fixed #20157, fixed #20257. Also made QuerySets with model=None
[1.5.x] Fixed #17048 - Added docs for upgrading Django.
Thanks Donald Stufft for the suggestion and
Susan Tan and Brian Fabian Crain for the patch.

Backport of ef8a9bc from master.
[1.5.x] Added a note about pip upgrade flag.
Thanks Jannis Leidel for the suggestion.

Backport of 0e45f75 from master
Issue #18967: Added regression/feature tests for encoding exceptions,…
… made the rules only apply on message/rfc822 mime-types and not all message/* mimetypes.

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micolous May 23, 2013


Closed this as rebasing has entirely confused GitHub, and it is no longer against the correct target.

New pull request: #1202


micolous commented May 23, 2013

Closed this as rebasing has entirely confused GitHub, and it is no longer against the correct target.

New pull request: #1202

@micolous micolous closed this May 23, 2013

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