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Patch #16774 -- Views can raise DoesNotResolve to make the URL resolver continue resolving. #378

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meric commented Sep 18, 2012

This pull request allows views to raise urlresolvers.DoesNotResolve to make the URL resolver to ignore the view and keep resolving the URL.!topic/django-developers/BAk5pGb7zE8/discussion

alex and others added some commits Sep 10, 2012

I don't think this check is required anymore since you're already breaking at line 115.

The break at line 115 was part of a nested loop... I added the check back in the next commit, but now it uses the for-loop else operator.



No need to assign the exception to e since it's not used.


This should be replaced by an else statement.


DoesNotResolve should be imported before get_resolver.

meric commented on 2ef7d14 Sep 13, 2012

Thanks @charettes!

I've followed your comments and fixed up the code:





Django member

It looks like there is a more up-to-date patch on the ticket.

@timgraham timgraham closed this Feb 8, 2014
alanjds commented Sep 25, 2014


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