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Fixed #18985 -- Restore DeprecationWarning output #385

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dstufft commented Sep 18, 2012

This fixes the issue mentioned in #18985.

It will cause projects created with startproject to include a warnings.simplefilter to restore DeprecationWarning and documents the fact that this is required on Python 2.7+.

@dstufft dstufft Fixed #18985 -- Restore DeprecationWarning output
This fixes an issue with Python 2.7+ where Python now silences by
default the output generated by DeprecationWarning. Django relies
on this outpt to signal to developers that they are using a feature
that is going to go away soon. This change documents this fact
and mentions how to restore them in the Release Process docs. It
also includes a small change to the default used by
startproject to restore DeprecationWarning to new projects.
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ramiro commented Jan 11, 2013

Fixed in 44046e8. Thanks.

@ramiro ramiro closed this Jan 11, 2013
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