Fixes for Oracle: Output conversion, "%" in names #393

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shaib commented Sep 25, 2012

Two fixes for the Oracle backend:

  1. Support database object names including percent signs. Without this, the backend cannot be used to run the Django test suite, as it fails to create the test database.
  2. Use a more efficient method for converting values, esp. numbers, on the way out (code mostly by Ian Kelly, with a small but imported fix after comment by Anssi Kääriäinen)

unknown and others added some commits Aug 29, 2012


akaariai commented Oct 27, 2012

I pushed the '%' handling part in manually.

akaariai closed this Oct 27, 2012


shaib commented Oct 27, 2012

... but then you closed the whole pull-request; what about the other parts?


akaariai commented Oct 28, 2012

Sorry, I managed to miss this having multiple issues. Will reopen.

BTW does this issue have a ticket in Trac?

akaariai reopened this Oct 28, 2012


shaib commented Oct 29, 2012

Not that I'm aware of (or I would have mentioned it).


shaib commented May 15, 2013

I'm re-submitting this. Needed to be changed a lot anyway.

shaib closed this May 15, 2013

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