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Ticket 17758 #403

wants to merge 10 commits into from

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This is a complete re-integration of the work that was previously done by lrekucki and tmitchell; I've posted in the trac ticket as well.

I've updated all of the tests for trunk (no 2.5 support, python 3 support through 6, accounting for parts of their branches which have since been merged into trunk, or which are no longer needed). It's much cleaner than the original development line.

All tests pass on Python 2.6.7, 2.7.3, 3.2.3, all with and without hash randomization enabled.

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This change to urlencode has to be rejected, because it is a major backwards incompatible change. Basically, it assumes that query strings are always, in essence, unordered collections. There is nothing in the HTTP spec that assumes that, and many apps will break under that assumption. For example, Trac's URLs for ticket reports are ordered collections.

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ramiro commented Jan 11, 2013

Fixed. Thanks for your effort. See

@ramiro ramiro closed this Jan 11, 2013
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