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readonly_fields documentation amended ticket #19120 #459

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EDIT: scratch that - I see the changes in your next commit! ;)

You've got "specifying specify" in the sentence now, due to your change. Read through the resulting text to make sure it makes grammatical and contextual sense.


I squashed these two commits into one, at #468. I've closed this pull request.

@evildmp evildmp closed this
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  1. +25 −6 docs/ref/contrib/admin/index.txt
31 docs/ref/contrib/admin/index.txt
@@ -179,8 +179,6 @@ subclass::
values defined in :attr:`ModelAdmin.readonly_fields` to be displayed as
- .. versionadded:: 1.4
To display multiple fields on the same line, wrap those fields in their own
tuple. In this example, the ``url`` and ``title`` fields will display on the
same line and the ``content`` field will be displayed below them in its
@@ -807,14 +805,35 @@ subclass::
By default the admin shows all fields as editable. Any fields in this
option (which should be a ``list`` or ``tuple``) will display its data
- as-is and non-editable. This option behaves nearly identical to
- :attr:`ModelAdmin.list_display`. Usage is the same, however, when you
- specify :attr:`ModelAdmin.fields` or :attr:`ModelAdmin.fieldsets` the
- read-only fields must be present to be shown (they are ignored otherwise).
+ as-is and non-editable. Note that when specifying
+ :attr:`ModelAdmin.fields` or :attr:`ModelAdmin.fieldsets` the read-only
+ fields must be present to be shown (they are ignored otherwise).
If ``readonly_fields`` is used without defining explicit ordering through
:attr:`ModelAdmin.fields` or :attr:`ModelAdmin.fieldsets` they will be
added last after all editable fields.
+ A read-only field can not only display data from a model's field, it can
+ also display the output of a function, or a model's method, or a method of
+ the ``ModelAdmin`` class itself, if these are declared in
+ ``readonly_fields``. This is very similar to the way
+ :attr:`ModelAdmin.list_display` behaves.
+ This provides an effective and easy way to use the admin interface to
+ provide feedback on the status of the objects being edited, for example::
+ class PersonAdmin(ModelAdmin):
+ readonly_fields = ('address_report',)
+ # instance is the instance of the model we are editing
+ def address_report(self, instance):
+ return "%s" % (", ".join(instance.get_full_address)) or "<span class='errors'>Warning: I can't determine this person's address.</span>"
+ # the short_description functions like a model field's verbose_name
+ address_report.short_description = "Address"
+ # in this example, we have used HTML tags in the output
+ address_report.allow_tags = True
.. attribute:: ModelAdmin.save_as
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