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Fixed some PEP8 warnings about long lines

@camilonova camilonova PEP8 fixes
Fixed some PEP8 warnings about long lines

@JanBednarik I did, and i agree with the longer lines, but this file is copied to the project folder when someone does 'collectstatic' and we make a pep8 check to the entire project giving us warnings about this file.

The proposed changes seems not affect the readability of the code and it will not look django as bad written.

Maybe other option should know why this .py file is copied as a static file, doesn't make any sense.

Any thoughts?


You might want to report this as a bug. The staticfiles app just copies whatever it finds inside static directory (except for default ignores), so the gets included by mistake. IMHO, that file just shouldn't be there.

PS. You can always exclude your target directory for static files from pep8, as it shouldn't contain any relevant files anyway, right?. Or just put it outside your project root.


I have created a ticket for this:

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This pull request is superseded by the ticket linked just above.

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