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Added #19414 -- Admin registration decorator #599

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BHold commented Dec 18, 2012

I added a decorator that registers Model/ModelAdmin pairs with AdminSites. I mostly followed how the AdminSite.register method currently does this.

aaugustin and others added some commits Dec 14, 2012

@aaugustin aaugustin Fixed #2304 -- Documented TRANSACTIONS_MANAGED. a001f3c
@timgraham timgraham Merge pull request #585 from blongden/clarify_php_refs
Removed poor PHP references
@timgraham timgraham Fixed #9962 - Added a testing tutorial.
Thank-you Daniele Procida for the first draft
and shaibi, Aymeric, and others for the reviews.
@ramiro ramiro Fixed #9589 -- Made development web server more robust in the presenc…
…e of a wider variety of code errors.

Thanks goes to contributor with Trac user 'berto' for the patch.
@ramiro ramiro Fixed a couple of docstring typos. 730c0d2
@timgraham timgraham Fixed #19342 - Added new tutorials to the 1.5 release notes b594e49
@timgraham timgraham Fixed #19344 - Documented how to run django-admin in a virtualenv on …

Thanks Hourann Bosci for the patch.
@freakboy3742 freakboy3742 Fixed #19384 -- Documented the behavior of custom managers on abstrac…
…t models.

This documents the behavior introduced by cc337a7, which is BACKWARDS
INCOMPATIBLE for any attempt to invoke a method on a manager using the
abstract class as the calling class (e.g., AbstractBase.objects.do_something())

Thanks to mhsparks for the report.
@freakboy3742 freakboy3742 Fixed #19472 -- Documented the testing requirements and tools for cus…
…tom User models.

Thanks to gcc for the report.
@freakboy3742 freakboy3742 Fixed #19412 -- Added PermissionsMixin to the auth.User heirarchy.
This makes it easier to make a ModelBackend-compliant (with regards to
permissions) User model.

Thanks to cdestigter for the report about the relationship between
ModelBackend and permissions, and to the many users on django-dev that
contributed to the discussion about mixins.
@freakboy3742 freakboy3742 Fixed #19368 -- Ensured that login error messages adapt to changes in…
… the User model.

Thanks to un33k for the report.
@freakboy3742 freakboy3742 Corrected tests depending on the error message on the AuthenticationF…

Refs #19368, and the fix introduced in 27f8129.
@akaariai akaariai Fixed #19469 -- Removed opts.get_ordered_objects() and related code
The code was dead-code since 2006.
@akaariai akaariai Fixed #18816 -- Removed "trim" argument from add_filter()
The trim argument was used by split_exclude() only to trim the last
join from the given lookup. It is cleaner to just trim the last part
from the lookup in split_exclude() directly so that there is no need
to burden add_filter() with the logic needed for only split_exclude().
@akaariai akaariai Fixed #10790 -- Refactored sql.Query.setup_joins()
This is a rather large refactoring. The "lookup traversal" code was
splitted out from the setup_joins. There is now names_to_path() method
which does the lookup traveling, the actual work of setup_joins() is
calling names_to_path() and then adding the joins found into the query.

As a side effect it was possible to remove the "process_extra"
functionality used by genric relations. This never worked for left
joins. Now the extra restriction is appended directly to the join
condition instead of the where clause.

To generate the extra condition we need to have the join field
available in the compiler. This has the side-effect that we need more
ugly code in Query.__getstate__ and __setstate__ as Field objects
aren't pickleable.

The join trimming code got a big change - now we trim all direct joins
and never trim reverse joins. This also fixes the problem in #10790
which was join trimming in null filter cases.
@aaugustin aaugustin Added PDF version of SVG file for latexpdf builds.
Thanks Tim Graham for reporting this issue and testing the fix.
@timgraham timgraham Fixed #18718 - Documented django.utils.encoding.filepath_to_uri 507c081
@akaariai akaariai Fixed #16679 -- Use caching to speed up signal sending 704ee33
@aaugustin aaugustin Replaced the test case hierarchy schema with a vector version.
The OmniGraffle source file is included for future use.
@claudep claudep Fixed #19483 -- Improved import error message in contrib.comments
Thanks Valentin Lorentz for the report and the suggested fix.
@timgraham timgraham Fixed #19279 - Clarified order of database setup and Django install.
Thanks colinnkeenan for the suggestion.
@akaariai akaariai Fixed #19197 -- fixed convert_values() for nullable numeric fields
Cleaned up the implementation of base convert_values() a little, and
made sure it accepts None as a value for numeric fields.

There are no tests attached. The reason is that not all of the
convert_values() accept None as a value for numeric fields (for example

The reason the base convert_values() needs to accept None is that this
situation might arise in custom compilers for 3rd party backends. It
is easy to keep the convert_values() working, so lets do that.
@akaariai akaariai Made sure connections are actually closed in backends tests 85712a5

Is there a reason why you use LOOKUP_SEP for splitting but not for joining?


akaariai replied Dec 17, 2012

No reason, fixed.


timgraham commented Sep 18, 2013

merged in 9851484 - thanks!

@timgraham timgraham closed this Sep 18, 2013

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