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management command options to match command line use #624

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apollo13 and others added some commits Jan 1, 2013
@apollo13 apollo13 Merge pull request #615 from evildmp/patch-3
Tiny typo fixed in logging docs
@claudep claudep Removed unusable parameters to empty_form property 884f77b
@aaugustin aaugustin Modernized middleware tests.
* Used override_settings consistently -- changes to DEBUG could leak.
* Took advantage of assertRaisesRegexp.
* Fixed indentation -- some code was indented at 2 spaces.
@timgraham timgraham Fixed #19520 - Corrected some misleading docs about template_name_suf…

Thanks jnns for the report.
@timgraham timgraham Fixed #19549 - Typo in docs/topics/auth/default.txt 695b208
@aaugustin aaugustin Fixed #19547 -- Caching of related instances.
When &'ing or |'ing querysets, wrong values could be cached, and crashes
could happen.

Thanks Marc Tamlyn for figuring out the problem and writing the patch.
@aaugustin aaugustin Minor fixes in the known_related_objects tests.
* Fixed JSON indentation.
* Avoided relying on implicit ordering.
@aaugustin aaugustin Fixed PR 478 -- Removed superfluous try/except block. a051a9d
@SmileyChris SmileyChris Update doc example for overriding change_form.html
Slightly reworded another related paragraph for clarity, too.
@timgraham timgraham Fixed #19516 - Fixed remaining broken links.
Added -n to sphinx builds to catch issues going forward.
@charettes charettes Fixed #19545 -- Make sure media/is_multipart work with empty formsets 3fc43c9
@claudep claudep Updated comment about PostGIS bug 2035
PostGIS 2.0.2 has been released on December 3rd 2012, with the
fix included.
@claudep claudep Fixed #19134 -- Allowed closing smtp backend when the server is stopped
Thanks Sebastian Noack for the report and the initial patch.
@claudep claudep Fixed #19382 -- Stopped smtp backend raising exception when already c…

Thanks Sebastian Noack for the report and the initial patch.
@mpaolini mpaolini Added documentation for the 'db' argument of the post-syncdb signal. 6248833
@claudep claudep Replaced deprecated sslerror by ssl.SSLError
The exact conditions on which this exception is raised are not
known, but this replacement is the best guess we can do at this
@claudep claudep Fixed #19192 -- Allowed running tests with dummy db backend
Thanks Simon Charette for the initial patch, and Jan Bednařík for
his work on the ticket.
@ptone ptone Fixed #19562 -- cleaned up password storage docs c8eff0d
@claudep claudep Fixed #12914 -- Use yaml faster C implementation when available
Thanks Beuc for the report and the initial patch.
@akaariai akaariai Fixed #19173 -- Made EmptyQuerySet a marker class only
The guarantee that no queries will be made when accessing results is
done by new EmptyWhere class which is used for query.where and having.

Thanks to Simon Charette for reviewing and valuable suggestions.
@akaariai akaariai Tests for various emptyqs tickets
The tickets are either about different signature between qs.none() and
qs or problems with subclass types (either EmptyQS overrided the custom
qs class, or EmptyQS was overridden by another class - values() did

Fixed #15959, fixed #17271, fixed #17712, fixed #19426
@claudep claudep Fixed #19571 -- Updated runserver output in the tutorial a890469
@claudep claudep Created special PostgreSQL text indexes when unique is True
Refs #19441.
@davidszotten davidszotten management command options to match command line use 8a681ca
Django member

Any interest in updating this as per the comments in the ticket?

Django member

Please open a new PR if you can update this, thanks!

@timgraham timgraham closed this Aug 29, 2013
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