Use `token.split_contents()` in tags that can take variables (fixes #6271 and #18260) #751

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After fixing #19882, I grepped through the code to check for usage of token.contents.split().

It turned out that several other tags were affected by the same issue, so I fix those.

There are still tags that use token.contents.split() instead of token.split_contents(), but since they don't take any variable argument, they are not affected.

Here's a list of the remaining instances of token.contents.split() and the tags they are associated with:

django/template/ <not a template tag>
django/template/ autoescape
django/template/ filter
django/template/ load
django/template/ templatetag
django/template/ block
django/templatetags/ get_available_languages
django/templatetags/ get_current_language
django/templatetags/ get_current_language_bidi
django/templatetags/ get_static_prefix, get_media_prefix
django/templatetags/ get_current_timezone

Also note that there are still tags that are affected by this issue in contrib.
Namely, all the tags from contrib.comments as well as the get_admin_log for contrib.admin.
Those did not have any tests and I didn't see any bugs in the tracker, so I left them as-is (for now).

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I've wanted to write that patch forever...

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Would you mind:

  • adding a short comment above each use of .content.split that you didn't change?

    # token.split_contents() isn't useful here because this tag doesn't accept variable as arguments

  • rebasing this to a single commit with the following commit message ?

    Used token.split_contents() for tokenisation in template tags accepting variables.

    Fixed #6271, #18260.

Then I'll run the tests and merge it.

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As discussed on IRC, I'll file a separate ticket for the similar issues in contrib.comments and contrib.admin.

@aaugustin aaugustin merged commit 5278776 into django:master Feb 23, 2013

Here you parse_filter the fragment_name, but it's never resolved above. It only works because the FilterExpression.str method returns self.token

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