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Fixed #19811 - Added language code fallback in get_language_info #777

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@HonzaKral HonzaKral merged commit 0ad7684 into django:master

This test will surely fail on Python 3 (no u prefix). Either use the str_prefix utility in the test, or simply don't use the %r placeholder in the exception.

If you want I can remove %r from exception message.


Fixed in #791 and bfd4a71.

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6 django/utils/translation/
@@ -187,4 +187,10 @@ def get_language_info(lang_code):
return LANG_INFO[lang_code]
except KeyError:
+ if '-' in lang_code:
+ splited_lang_code = lang_code.split('-')[0]
+ try:
+ return LANG_INFO[splited_lang_code]
+ except KeyError:
+ raise KeyError("Unknown language code %r and %r." % (lang_code, splited_lang_code))
raise KeyError("Unknown language code %r." % lang_code)
15 tests/regressiontests/i18n/
@@ -956,6 +956,21 @@ def test_localized_language_info(self):
self.assertEqual(li['name'], 'German')
self.assertEqual(li['bidi'], False)
+ def test_unknown_language_code(self):
+ with self.assertRaisesRegexp(KeyError, "Unknown language code u\'xx\'."):
+ get_language_info('xx')
+ def test_unknown_only_country_code(self):
+ li = get_language_info('de-xx')
+ self.assertEqual(li['code'], 'de')
+ self.assertEqual(li['name_local'], 'Deutsch')
+ self.assertEqual(li['name'], 'German')
+ self.assertEqual(li['bidi'], False)
+ def test_unknown_language_code_and_country_code(self):
+ with self.assertRaisesRegexp(KeyError, "Unknown language code u\'xx-xx\' and u\'xx\'."):
+ get_language_info('xx-xx')
class MultipleLocaleActivationTests(TestCase):
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