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Documentation - Small update to SESSION_COOKIE_DOMAIN documentation #927

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I'm explaining a slight (but potentially crippling) caveat for updating SESSION_COOKIE_DOMAIN on a production site.

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Thanks Jacob! I just noticed a small area I'd like to clean up in the update I made (so sorry... I'm a terrible writer...)

This contributing thing is addictive...


I think the writing's fine, but if you've got a change feel free to open a new PR. Ping me (use @jacobian in a comment) so I see it and I'll take a look. Thanks!

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6 docs/ref/settings.txt
@@ -2287,6 +2287,12 @@ The domain to use for session cookies. Set this to a string such as
``""`` (note the leading dot!) for cross-domain cookies, or use
``None`` for a standard domain cookie.
+Be cautious when updating this setting on a production site. If you update
+this setting to enable cross-domain cookies on a site that previously used
+standard domain cookies, existing user cookies will be set to the old
+domain. This may result in them being unable to log in as long as these cookies
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