Add --use-fuzzy option to compilemessages command. #978

wants to merge 30 commits into
dbrgn and others added some commits Jun 13, 2013
@dbrgn dbrgn Fixed order of base classes in CBV mixin docs cd7d745
@mjtamlyn mjtamlyn Merge pull request #1265 from dbrgn/mixin_order
Fixed order of base classes in CBV mixin docs
@bmispelon bmispelon Fixed #20594 -- Add validation to models.SlugField.
Thanks carbonXT for the report.
@loic loic Fixed #20000 -- Allowed ModelForm meta overrides for label, help_text…
… and error_messages
@timgraham timgraham Added release notes for auth views being reversed by name, not by path.
Refs #20532
@toastdriven toastdriven Added a ``checksetup`` management command for verifying Django compat…
@tomchristie tomchristie Remove incorrect CONTENT_TYPE header from GET and HEAD requests 1b19f9e
@mjtamlyn mjtamlyn Merge pull request #1270 from tomchristie/remove-incorrect-content-ty…

Remove incorrect CONTENT_TYPE header from GET and HEAD requests
@Wilfred Wilfred Fixed #17076 -- When reversing a URL fails, inform the user which pat…
…terns were tried.
@mjtamlyn mjtamlyn Fixed #15273 -- Extend RedirectView to allow reversal by name.
Thanks to @DrMeers for the report and @ludwigkraatz for the initial patch.
@chicheng chicheng Fixed #20598 -- Add new HTTP status codes defined in rfc6585
428, 429, 431 and 511
@akaariai akaariai Fixed #20528 -- regression in select_related join promotion
The join used by select_related was incorrectly INNER when the query
had an ORed filter for nullable join that was trimmed away. Fixed this
by forcing the join type to LOUTER even when a join was trimmed away
in ORed queries.
@apollo13 apollo13 Fixed python 3.2 compat. ffa8a9a
@akaariai akaariai Fixed #20289 -- pickling of dynamic models 5459795
@akaariai akaariai Added cache to available_apps in cache tests 855d130
@mjtamlyn mjtamlyn Fixed #20548 -- Removed all PendingDeprecationWarnings from django te…
…st suite
@mjtamlyn mjtamlyn Merge pull request #1272 from chicheng/addition-http-status-codes
Fixed #20598 -- Add new HTTP status codes defined in rfc6585
@mjtamlyn mjtamlyn Merge pull request #1271 from batisteo/ticket-20565
Fixed #20565 -- Added template examples for GCBV.
@aaugustin aaugustin Fixed #20603 -- Made the test suite faster.
By avoiding to run syncdb with the full set of test models.

Thanks Anssi for the idea.
@toastdriven toastdriven Added missing docs for the checksetup command. 2a6a320
@timgraham timgraham Fixed #20604 - Fixed file example in docs.
Thanks Chris Lasher for the report.
Jaap Roes Fixed #20599 -- Changed wording of ValueError raised by _load_library
The _load_library method on BasePasswordHasher turns ImportErrors
into ValueErrors, this masks ImportErrors in the algorithm library.
Changed it to a clearer worded error message that includes
the ImportError string.
@claudep claudep Worked around Python 3.3 modified exception repr
Refs #20599.
@claudep claudep Fixed #20606 -- Fixed 'for' example in template tag docs
Thanks batisteo for the report.
Django member

@toastdriven This needs a ..versionadded:: 1.6 directive

toastdriven and others added some commits Jun 15, 2013
@toastdriven toastdriven Adjusted the docs to reflect when the checksetup command was added. b3532f7
@akaariai akaariai Fixed #20583 -- ORM always uses setup_joins() for join generation
There were a couple of places which used Query.join() directly. By
using setup_joins() in these places the code is more DRY, and in
addition there is no need to directly call field.get_joining_columns()
unless the field is the given join_field from get_path_info(). This
makes it easier to make sure a ForeignObject subclass generates joins
correctly in all cases.

Thank you so much, just ran into the need to do this.



Django member

This PR needs to be reworked so it doesn't include unrelated commits (caused by when someone accidentally force pushed to (django/django)). It also needs updates for version 1.7.

@timgraham timgraham closed this Feb 8, 2014

NP, i will rebase this onto current master over a weekend and open new PR.

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