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Fixed #20003 -- Added user:password support to URLValidator. #998

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matiasb commented Apr 6, 2013

No description provided.

Alex Gaynor and others added some commits Apr 4, 2013
Alex Gaynor Fixed a line that was overindented. 1aca9d9
@charettes charettes Merge pull request #993 from almostabc/template-include-docs-update
Removed a trailing space in the template builtins docs.
@aaugustin aaugustin Removed LocaleMiddleware from settings template.
It was added in 3f1c7b7.

Single language sites should always be translated in LANGUAGE_CODE,
regardless of the browser's Accept-Language. Having LocaleMiddleware
enabled can result in having some parts, like the admin, translated
in an unexpected language, typically if someone browses a non-English
website on a system set up in English. Since most websites won't be
translated in multiple languages — especially at the time they're
created — it's better not to enable LocaleMiddleware by default.

Thanks Ramiro for the feedback.
@claudep claudep Added release note about percent literals in cursor.execute
Thanks Aymeric Augustin for noticing the omission and Tim Graham
for the text review.
Fixes #9055 (again).
@ptone ptone Fixed #20114 -- support custom project login_url in tests
Thanks to Matias Bordese for the patch
@charettes charettes Fixed #20207 -- Handle ManyToManyField with a unicode name correctly. 216580e
@andrewjesaitis andrewjesaitis Explicitly removes dismissClock
Uses the removeEvent function in core.js to remove the function from
the document click event.
Refs #4045.
@andrewjesaitis andrewjesaitis Explicitly removes dismissCalendar
Uses the removeEvent function in core.js to remove the dismissCalendar
function from the document click event.
Fixes #4045.
@matiasb matiasb Fixed #20003 -- Added user:password support to URLValidator. 2407690
Django member

The regex looks a bit over engineered to me, can't we somehow get away with an easier one? Like using [^:] for the username.

matiasb commented May 18, 2013

Right, just tried to match the link referenced in the ticket. So just let me know and I can simplify this to be much simpler (of course it won't be handling all the restrictions).

Django member

Closing as the PR needs improvement as noted above.

@timgraham timgraham closed this Feb 13, 2014
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