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bin Allowed installing closure with pip for admin JavaScript compression.
locale Updated contrib.admin translations for new tests
migrations Fixed #25353 -- Changed LogEntry.action_time to a "date created".
static/admin Corrected comment about SelectFilter2's dependencies.
templates Lowercased "actions" of "Recent actions" and "My actions" in admin in…
templatetags Fixed #13875 -- Made admin's submit_row template tag pass whole context.
views Fixed #26013 -- Moved django.core.urlresolvers to django.urls. Sorted imports in files. Fixed #25165 -- Removed inline JavaScript from the admin. Fixed #24116 -- Moved AdminSite.check_dependencies() to system checks. Fixed #26176 -- Fixed E123 flake8 warnings. Fixed #25688 -- Made admin.register() disallow an empty list of models. Prevented data leakage in contrib.admin via query string manipulation. Fixed #23971 -- Added "Has date"/"No date" choices for DateFieldListF… Sorted imports with isort; refs #23860. Fixed #25465 -- Restored line breaks conversion in admin readonly fie… Fixed #21113 -- Made LogEntry.change_message language independent Fixed #11313 -- Made ModelAdmin.list_editable more resilient to concu… Fixed #24116 -- Moved AdminSite.check_dependencies() to system checks. Refs #494 -- Fixed a flaky admin_inlines tests. Fixed #26060 -- Fixed crash with reverse OneToOneField in ModelAdmin.… Fixed #25731 -- Removed unused choices kwarg for Select.render()
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