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Latest commit 273ce8a @claudep claudep Pulled contrib translations from Transifex
Forward port of 6a4649c from stable/1.9.x
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bin Allowed installing closure with pip for admin JavaScript compression.
locale Pulled contrib translations from Transifex
migrations Fixed #25353 -- Changed LogEntry.action_time to a "date created".
static/admin Fixed #25827 -- Removed extra spacing in admin's DateTimeField.
templates Fixed #25586 -- Fixed possible table cell misalignment in admin's tab…
templatetags Fixed #25135 -- Deprecated the contrib.admin allow_tags attribute.
views Fixed #22810 -- Corrected admin changelist count for list filters tha… Sorted imports in files. Fixed #24411 -- Avoided dict key/method clash in admin delete views. Sorted imports with isort; refs #23860. Fixed #25374 -- Made ModelAdmin checks work on instances instead of c… Fixed #25688 -- Made admin.register() disallow an empty list of models. Prevented data leakage in contrib.admin via query string manipulation. Made ListFilter.choices() argument name more explicit. Sorted imports with isort; refs #23860. Fixed #24976 -- Fixed missing form label in tabular inline. Added two translator comments in contrib apps Fixed #19361 -- Added link to object's change form in admin's post-sa… Fixed #25519 -- Made the admin "View site" link point to sites runnin… Fixed #25323 -- Fixed selenium test failures with chromedriver 2.18. Refs #25294 -- Moved BoundField to django.forms.boundfield. Simplified lists creation in three places.
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