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Fixed #24776 -- Improved apps.get_app_config() error message on fully…

…-qualified package names.
latest commit 0688a7946a
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cache Refactored datetime handling in the database cache backend.
checks Fixed #24693 -- Added label and label_lower property to Model._meta
files Fixed #24664 -- Removed misleading arg name from TemporaryFileUploadH…
handlers Fixed #24733 -- Passed the triggering exception to 40x error handlers
mail Fixed #24416 -- Added support for lazy email addresses.
management Fixed #24776 -- Improved apps.get_app_config() error message on fully…
serializers Removed unnecessary arguments in .get method calls
servers Fixed typo in django.core.servers.basehttp message. Imported Django from private SVN repository (created from r. 8825) Sorted imports with isort; refs #23860. Fixed #9104 -- Moved FieldDoesNotExist to core.exceptions Ensured that Paginator.page_range works the same on Python 2 and 3. Fixed #20349 -- Moved setting_changed signal to django.core.signals. Fixed #21363 -- Added datetime.timedelta support to TimestampSigner.u… Fixed #24707 -- Improved error reporting for explicitly imported unca… Fixed #24349 -- Limited domain name labels to 63 characters in EmailV… Stopped populating the app registry as a side effect.
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