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backends Removed support for passing a context to a generic Template.render().
loaders Removed template.loader.BaseLoader per deprecation timeline. Fixed #25466 -- Added backwards compatibility aliases for LoaderOrigi… Fixed #25423 -- Made error message for unknown template tag more help… Removed current_app argument to render() and TemplateResponse(). Fixed #25331 -- Removed trailing blank lines in docstrings. Refs #23269 -- Removed the removetags template tag and related functi… Refs #22384 -- Removed obsolete code for the removal of reversing by … Added django.template.engine.Engine.render_to_string() docstring. Moved engine-related exceptions to django.template.exceptions. Fixed #25018 -- Changed simple_tag to apply conditional_escape() to i… Fixed #25466 -- Added backwards compatibility aliases for LoaderOrigi… Fixed #25373 -- Added warning logging for exceptions during {% includ… Made template response APIs enforce the use of dict and backend-speci… Refs #23913 -- Removed support for a single equals sign in {% if %} tag. Removed deprecated TEMPLATE_* settings per deprecation timeline.
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