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apps Refs #24215 -- Fixed Python 3.5 compatiblity for unhandled lazy ops e…
bin Removed bin/
conf Fixed #25525 -- Added instructions about importing include() in
contrib Fixed #22938 -- Allowed clearsessions to remove file-based sessions.
core Fixed #25500 -- Added --fail-level option to check command.
db Fixed #25503 -- Fixed system check crash on ForeignKey to abstract mo…
dispatch Moved and updated Python license.
forms Fixed #25496 -- Made ModelChoiceField respect prefetch_related().
http Fixed #24496 -- Added CSRF Referer checking against CSRF_COOKIE_DOMAIN.
middleware Fixed #24496 -- Added CSRF Referer checking against CSRF_COOKIE_DOMAIN.
template Fixed #25423 -- Made error message for unknown template tag more help…
templatetags Refs #22306 -- Removed cycle/firstof template tags from "future".
test Removed deprecated TEMPLATE_* settings per deprecation timeline.
utils Removed SimpleLazyObject workaround for a Python 3 bug.
views Fixed #25037 -- Added request.user to the debug view. Bumped version; master is now 1.10 pre-alpha. Fixed #24857 -- Added "python -m django" entry point. Removed dictionary and context_instance parameters for render functions.
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