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Fixed #17375 -- Changed makemessages to use xgettext with --files-from

Changed the way makemessages invokes xgettext from one call per
translatable file to one call per locale directory (using --files-from).
This allows to avoid and,
as a positive side effect, speeds up localization build.
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@sergeykolosov sergeykolosov authored timgraham committed
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_ext Removed obsolete script.
_theme Added white-space: pre-wrap; to docs code blocks to match
faq Updated various links in docs
howto Fixed #25302 -- Prevented BrokenLinkEmailsMiddleware from reporting 4…
internals Recommend relative imports within Django components.
intro Fixed #25153 -- Moved 'polls' first in tutorial's INSTALLED_APPS.
man Fixed #23903 -- Configured Sphinx to autogenerate django-admin manpage
misc Updated release process for new release schedule.
ref Fixed #25318 -- Made SILENCED_SYSTEM_CHECKS suppress all messages.
releases Fixed #17375 -- Changed makemessages to use xgettext with --files-from
topics Fixed #22634 -- Made the database-backed session backends more extens…
Makefile Added an "htmlview" target to open docs after building them.
README Removed sudo from pip commands in docs. Fixed #23903 -- Configured Sphinx to autogenerate django-admin manpage
contents.txt Removed an obsolete documentation page about admin style customization.
glossary.txt Updated Wikipedia links to use https
index.txt Fixed #24961 -- Added links to all auth docs pages from index.
make.bat Fixed #19516 - Fixed remaining broken links.
spelling_wordlist Added 'subtransactions' to spelling wordlist.


The documentation in this tree is in plain text files and can be viewed using
any text file viewer.

It uses ReST (reStructuredText) [1], and the Sphinx documentation system [2].
This allows it to be built into other forms for easier viewing and browsing.

To create an HTML version of the docs:

* Install Sphinx (using ``pip install Sphinx`` or some other method)

* In this docs/ directory, type ``make html`` (or ``make.bat html`` on
  Windows) at a shell prompt.

The documentation in _build/html/index.html can then be viewed in a web browser.

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