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Update and build the documentation into files for display with the djangodocs
import json
import os
import shutil
import subprocess
import zipfile
from contextlib import closing
from pathlib import Path
from django.conf import settings
from import BaseCommand
from ...models import DocumentRelease
class Command(BaseCommand):
def add_arguments(self, parser):
help='Skip reindexing (for testing, mostly).'
def handle(self, **kwargs):
verbosity = kwargs['verbosity']
default_builders = ['json', 'html']
# Keep track of which Git sources have been updated.
release_docs_changed = {} # e.g. {'1.8': True} if the 1.8 docs updated.
# Somehow, bizarely, there's a bug in Sphinx such that if I try to
# build 1.0 before other versions, things fail in weird ways. However,
# building newer versions first works. I suspect Sphinx is hanging onto
# some global state. Anyway, we can work around it by making sure that
# "dev" builds before "1.0". This is ugly, but oh well.
for release in DocumentRelease.objects.order_by('-release'):
if verbosity >= 1:
self.stdout.write("Updating %s..." % release)
# checkout_dir is shared for all languages.
checkout_dir = settings.DOCS_BUILD_ROOT.joinpath('sources', release.version)
parent_build_dir = settings.DOCS_BUILD_ROOT.joinpath(release.lang, release.version)
if not checkout_dir.exists():
if not parent_build_dir.exists():
# Update the release from SCM.
# Make a git checkout/update into the destination directory.
if (not self.update_git(release.scm_url, checkout_dir, changed_dir='docs/') and
not release_docs_changed.get(release.version)):
# No docs changes so don't rebuild.
release_docs_changed[release.version] = True
source_dir = checkout_dir.joinpath('docs')
if release.lang != 'en':
scm_url = release.scm_url.replace('django.git', 'django-docs-translations.git')
trans_dir = checkout_dir.joinpath('django-docs-translation')
if not trans_dir.exists():
self.update_git(scm_url, trans_dir)
if not source_dir.joinpath('locale').exists():
source_dir.joinpath('locale').symlink_to(trans_dir.joinpath('translations'))"cd %s && make translations" % trans_dir, shell=True)
if release.is_default:
# Build the pot files (later retrieved by Transifex)
builders = default_builders[:] + ['gettext']
builders = default_builders
# Use Sphinx to build the release docs into JSON and HTML documents.
for builder in builders:
# Wipe and re-create the build directory. See #18930.
build_dir = parent_build_dir.joinpath('_build', builder)
if build_dir.exists():
if verbosity >= 2:
self.stdout.write(" building %s (%s -> %s)" % (builder, source_dir, build_dir))
'-b', builder,
'-D', 'language=%s' % release.lang,
'-q', # Be vewy qwiet
str(source_dir), # Source file directory
str(build_dir), # Destination directory
# Create a zip file of the HTML build for offline reading.
# This gets moved into MEDIA_ROOT for downloading.
html_build_dir = parent_build_dir.joinpath('_build', 'html')
zipfile_name = '' % (release.version, release.lang)
zipfile_path = Path(settings.MEDIA_ROOT).joinpath('docs', zipfile_name)
if not zipfile_path.parent.exists():
if verbosity >= 2:
self.stdout.write(" build zip (into %s)" % zipfile_path)
def zipfile_inclusion_filter(file_path):
return '.doctrees' not in
with closing(zipfile.ZipFile(str(zipfile_path), 'w', compression=zipfile.ZIP_DEFLATED)) as zf:
for root, dirs, files in os.walk(str(html_build_dir)):
for f in files:
file_path = Path(os.path.join(root, f))
if zipfile_inclusion_filter(file_path):
rel_path = str(file_path.relative_to(html_build_dir))
zf.write(str(file_path), rel_path)
# Copy the build results to the directory used for serving
# the documentation in the least disruptive way possible.
build_dir = parent_build_dir.joinpath('_build')
built_dir = parent_build_dir.joinpath('_built')
# Rebuild the imported document list and search index.
if not kwargs['reindex']:
if verbosity >= 2:
self.stdout.write(" reindexing...")
json_built_dir = parent_build_dir.joinpath('_built', 'json')
documents = gen_decoded_documents(json_built_dir)
def update_git(self, url, destdir, changed_dir='.'):
Update a source checkout and return True if any docs were changed,
False otherwise.
if '@' in url:
repo, branch = url.rsplit('@', 1)
repo, branch = url, 'master'
if destdir.joinpath('.git').exists():
remote = 'origin'
branch_with_remote = '%s/%s' % (remote, branch)
cwd = os.getcwd()
os.chdir(str(destdir))['git', 'reset', '--hard', 'HEAD'])['git', 'clean', '-fdx'])[
'git', 'fetch', remote,
'%s:refs/remotes/%s' % (branch, branch_with_remote)
docs_changed =[
'git', 'diff', branch_with_remote,
'--quiet', '--exit-code',
]) == 1
if not docs_changed:
return False['git', 'merge', branch_with_remote])
else:['git', 'clone', '-q', '--branch', branch, repo, str(destdir)])
return True
def gen_decoded_documents(directory):
Walk the given directory looking for fjson files and yield their data.
for root, dirs, files in os.walk(str(directory)):
for f in files:
f = Path(root, f)
if not f.suffix == '.fjson':
with as fp:
yield json.load(fp)
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