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Recommend installing django with pip before the tarball.

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@@ -13,18 +13,20 @@
<h2>Option {% cycle '1' '2' '3' as options %}. Get the latest official version</h2>
-<p>The latest official version is {{ current_version }}. You can get it by direct download:
+<p>The latest official version is {{ current_version }}.</p>
+<p>You can install it with <a href="">pip</a>:</p>
+<pre class="literal-block"><code>pip install Django=={{ current_version }}</code></pre>
+<p>You can also get it by direct download:</p>
<p>First, download <a href="{% url 'download-redirect' current_version 'tarball' %}">Django-{{ current_version }}.tar.gz</a> (<a href="{% url 'download-redirect' current_version 'checksum' %}">checksums</a>). Then:</p>
<pre class="literal-block"><code>tar xzvf Django-{{ current_version }}.tar.gz
cd Django-{{ current_version }}
sudo python install</code></pre>
-<p>You can also use <a href="">pip</a>:
-<pre class="literal-block"><code>pip install Django=={{ current_version }}</code></pre>
{% if preview_version %}
<h2>Option {% cycle options %}. Get the {{ preview_kind }} for {{ preview_version|slice:":3" }}</h2>

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