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Replaced simplejson by system json

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1 parent 2e8f12a commit 48597765a2117b36cae5e7451df1a4c2f03382a3 @claudep claudep committed
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6 docs/
@@ -1,13 +1,13 @@
from __future__ import absolute_import
import datetime
+import json
import django.views.static
from django.core import urlresolvers
from django.http import Http404
from django.shortcuts import render_to_response, redirect
from django.template import RequestContext
-from django.utils import simplejson
import haystack.views
@@ -52,8 +52,8 @@ def document(request, lang, version, url):
return render_to_response(template_names, RequestContext(request, {
- 'doc': simplejson.load(open(doc_path, 'rb')),
- 'env': simplejson.load(open(docroot.child('globalcontext.json'), 'rb')),
+ 'doc': json.load(open(doc_path, 'rb')),
+ 'env': json.load(open(docroot.child('globalcontext.json'), 'rb')),
'lang': lang,
'version': version,
'rtd_version': rtd_version,

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