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Fixed #20529 -- Removed incorrect mention that preview releases can b…

…e installed via pip.

Thanks un33k for the report.
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1 parent 2d7ed8c commit 70c28d928632afb5aaa290846096b24eab8cb450 @timgraham timgraham committed
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4 templates/releases/download.html
@@ -35,10 +35,6 @@
<pre class="literal-block"><code>tar xzvf Django-{{ preview_version }}.tar.gz
cd Django-{{ preview_version }}
sudo python install</code></pre>
-<p>You can also use <a href="">pip</a>:
-<pre class="literal-block"><code>pip install Django=={{ preview_version }}</code></pre>
{% endif %}
<h2>Option {% cycle options %}. Get the latest development version</h2>

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