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Fixed another tense issue in the FAQ.

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commit a13845ee87ca1e49f8cd25593b28f188d1d50174 1 parent b00e6f0
Jacob Kaplan-Moss authored July 31, 2013

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  1. 5  templates/conduct/faq.html
5  templates/conduct/faq.html
@@ -35,9 +35,8 @@ <h3 id="what-does-it-mean">What does it mean to "adopt" a Code of Conduct? <a cl
35 35
     awesome way they have for years.</p>
36 36
37 37
     <p>However, we do expect that people will abide by the spirit and words of the CoC
-    when in "official" Django spaces. We're proposing that this code — or rather,
-    the final draft of it — be adopted simultaneously by the Django core team and by
-    the Django Software Foundation. So that means that it'll apply both in community
+    when in "official" Django spaces. This code has been adopted by both the Django core
+    team and by the Django Software Foundation. That means that it'll apply both in community
41 40
     spaces <em>and</em> at DSF events.</p>
42 41
43 42
     <p>In practice, this means mailing lists (django-users, django-developers, etc.),

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