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Expanded CoC reporting guide with note on uncertain situations (#757)

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appropriate, please include this in your report and we will attempt to notify
+<p>If you are unsure whether the incident is a violation, or whether the space
+where it happened is covered by this Code of Conduct, we encourage you to still
+report it. We would much rather have a few extra reports where we decide to take
+no action, rather than miss a report of an actual violation. We do not look
+negatively on you if we find the incident is not a violation. And knowing
+about incidents that are not violations, or happen outside our spaces, can also
+help us to improve the Code of Conduct or the processes surrounding it.</p>
<p>In your report please include:
<li>Your contact info (so we can get in touch with you if we need to follow up)</li>

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