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Procedure in README.txt for setting up djangoproject locally doesn't work #28

eswenson1 opened this Issue Mar 23, 2012 · 4 comments

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The current procedures described in README.txt for setting up the djangoproject locally don't work. This appears to be because they assume that you already have a trac database setup properly with the correct schema. When the ./ migrate step is executed, it fails due to missing relations from the trac model. In particular, the migration fails with the following error:

Running migrations for trac:

  • Migrating forwards to 0001_initial. > trac:0001_initial ERROR: relation "attachment" does not exist STATEMENT: CREATE VIEW "attachment_django_view" AS SELECT "type" || '.' || "id" || '.' || "filename" AS "django_id", * FROM attachment;

Perhaps you could provide a truncated database dump from the live trac instance so that this can be used to create a dummy trac database.


I decided to try to simply install Trac (0.12) and specify a database connection string that pointed to the code.djangoproject database. Once I did that, I was able to run the "./ migrate" with no errors. The server started up fine after that.

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I accidentally closed the pull request and GitHub won't let me reopen it, sorry.

dlo commented Feb 4, 2013

Asked on the PR, but should I resubmit?

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Actually we're going to disable GitHub issues for this repository because it's more convenient to have all tickets in Trac.

I copied this issue in Let's follow-up over there.

And thanks for re-submitting the pull request!

@aaugustin aaugustin closed this Feb 4, 2013
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