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More like this doesn't seem to be working on my cloned version of your site. Your comment on my first more like this post on this subject suggests that more like this depends on solr. suggests the same.

Can more like this be made to work without solr? How? (create a cachetable? add middleware clasess? something else?)


You need solr for it to work as written in the code. You could try and write your own implementation of course but solr does a good job and is already part of the stack (search).

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Happy 4th of July.

My hosting service (webfaction) tells me that solr requires more memory than I have reserved. They suggest you need 200MB but they only provide 50MB for my applications.

I would have thought that if the code was in the project and wasn't working it would have caused a crash, but my cloned site has been stable without solr.

Where can I find the code that builds and displays the More like this?

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