Selenium framework concept. Demonstrates customized TestNG report.
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Selenium framework concept. Demonstrates the following concepts:

# Feature Description
1 TestNG Project uses TestNG.
2 Maven Surefire Running TestNG from a Maven Surefire goal.
3 Custom HTML Report Generating a customized report from a TestNG report listener that can contains any custom result related content that you wish.
4 Multi-Threaded Running each test class in separate threads. This sample project runs 4 threads.
5 Lazy Loaded Pages Lazily loaded page objects on demand. Does not use pre-loaded locators with PageFactory for page objects.
6 Lazy Loaded WebDriver Instance Lazily loaded WebDriver. Does not initialize WebDriver until @Test starts.
7 Builder Design Pattern WebDriver instance contained within a SeHelper class using the "Builder" design pattern.
8 TestNG DataProvider Implemented a DataProvider that loads parameterized data from the TestNG XML file/context itself.
9 Improved HTML Report HTML test report shows human readable time values. See CustomReport.html after tests finish.
10 SauceLabs Integration Project works with Selenium Grid, SauceLabs, or as standalone WebDriver. Uploads test result to SauceLabs.


This project will run with or without a Selenium grid. When running as a Grid, this project also supports SauceLabs grid. Configuration of this is found in the testng.xml file.

To run this project:

  1. Run grid hub with 'startGridHub.bat'
  2. Run grid node with 'startGridNode.bat'
  3. Run tests with 'mvn surefire:test' or 'mvn test' and look at HTML report generated under "target/surefire-reports" OR run tests as a TestNG project and look at report generated under "/test-output".