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This is a frontend boilerplate to start a web project, using sass, requirejs, mootools classes and grunt.

What you need to install

  • nodejs
  • -> grunt
  • -> bower (on windows you'll need to install git)

How to start

go to the project folder ( {project folder}/app ) and then run these commands:

npm install

bower install



using grunt to:

  • compile sass files
  • minify and auto prefix css
  • jshint
  • build js package via browserify
  • watch js/css files and recompile on the fly

how to use grunt:

move to your app folder

cd path/to/project/folder

install dependencies

npm install {package name} --save-dev

add the new package in Gruntfile.js

run grunt


more info on grunt:


using data-view="ViewName" in the html will load the right js (js/src/views/View[ViewName].js)

you can create modules and then call them in a view this way:

var ModuleTest = new $.ModuleTest();

*warning: use


instead of


difference between a view and a module:

A view is basically a page (home.html will be ViewHome.js ... products.html will be ViewProducts.js) A module will be inside a view. The same module can be shared between many views. A module can be present more than once in the same view too. Plus, you can instantiate a module on the page load (same as a view), or call it only when some stuff happens ( var ModuleTest = new $.ModuleTest(); )


The only file added in the html is /app/assets/css/dest/main.css

Every file is concatened, minified, and all prefix are added with grunt. This way, no need to add -webkit, -moz, -o etc. Grunt will take care of it.

The same structure as the js files apply. One folder for the views, and one folder for the modules. To be consistent, you should isolate every views with

[data-view="ViewName"] { }

and every module with

[data-module="ModuleName"] { }

to avoid conflicts.

variables and mixin should go in helpers/vars.scss


  • css breakpoints / js breakpoint (window.deviceType)