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{% extends "notification/base.eml" %}
{% block subject %}
{% trans organization=organization.printable_name|safe %}{{organization}} was updated{% endtrans %}
{% endblock %}
{% block html_content %}
<h3>{% trans organization=organization.printable_name %}{{organization}} was updated{% endtrans %}</h3>
<div class="info">
{% trans user_url=urls.user.profile, user=user.username, profile_url=urls.organization.profile, profile=organization.printable_name %}<a href="{{user_url}}">{{user}}</a> modified the following fields in <a href="{{profile_url}}">{{profile}}</a>{% endtrans %}:
<th class="table-header">{% trans %}PREVIOUSLY{% endtrans %}</th>
<th class="table-header">{% trans %}CURRENT{% endtrans %}</th>
{% for field_name, change in changes.items() %}
<th class="table-header">{{field_name}}</th>
{% endfor %}
<hr />
<div id="support">
{% trans %}If the changes look suspicious to you, please email us at{% endtrans %} <a href="mailto:{{}}">{{}}</a>.
{% endblock %}