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djaodjin-saas is a Django application that implements the logic to support subscription-based Software-as-a-Service businesses.

Major Features:

  • Separate billing profiles and authenticated users
  • Double entry book keeping ledger
  • Flexible security framework

This project contains bare bone templates which are compatible with Django and Jinja2 template engines. To see djaodjin-saas in action as part of a full-fledged subscription-based session proxy, take a look at djaoapp.

Full documentation for the project is available at Read-the-Docs


After cloning the repository, create a virtualenv environment and install the prerequisites:

    $ python -m venv .venv
    $ source .venv/bin/activate
    $ pip install -r testsite/requirements.txt

    # Installs Javascript prerequisites to run in the browser
    $ make vendor-assets-prerequisites

To use the testsite, you will need to add the payment processor keys (see Processor Backends) and Django secret key into a credentials file. Example with Stripe:

    $ cat ./credentials

    SECRET_KEY = "enough_random_data"
    STRIPE_PUB_KEY = "your_stripe_public_api_key"
    STRIPE_PRIV_KEY = "your_stripe_private_api_key"

It remains to create and populate the database with required objects.

$ python ./ migrate --run-syncdb --noinput
$ python ./ loaddata testsite/fixtures/initial_data.json
$ python ./ createsuperuser

You can further generate a set of dummy data data to populate the site.

$ python ./ load_test_transactions

Side note: If create your own fixtures file (ex: testsite/fixtures/test_data.json) and attempt to load them with a Django version before 2 while the Python executable was linked with a SQLite version after 3.25, you might stumble upon the well-known SQLite 3.26 breaks database migration ForeignKey constraint, leaving <table_name>__old in db schema bug. Your best bet is to use Django2+ or delete the migrations/ directory.

If all is well then, you are ready to run the server and browse the testsite.

$ python runserver

# Browse http://localhost:8000/

Implementation Notes

The latest versions of django-restframework (>=3.0) implement paginators disconnected from parameters in views (i.e. no more paginate_by). You will thus need to define PAGE_SIZE in your

$ diff testsite/
+    'PAGE_SIZE': 25,
+        'rest_framework.pagination.PageNumberPagination',

This Django App does not send notification e-mails itself. All major updates that would result in a e-mail sent trigger signals though. It is straightforward to send e-mails on a signal trigger in the main Django project. We provide sample e-mail templates here in the saas/templates/notification/ directory.

Release Notes

Tested with

  • Python: 3.7, Django: 3.2 (LTS)
  • Python: 3.10, Django: 4.2 (latest)
  • Python: 2.7, Django: 1.11 (legacy) - use testsite/requirements-legacy.txt


  • adds APIs for agreements
  • adds expiration date to roles (migrations)
  • renames agreement.modified to agreement.updated_at (migrations)
  • reduces number of query in list APIs by using select_related
  • simplifies personal profile to organization profile convertion
  • fixes expand argument specified twice (#270)
  • fixes display of coupons restricted to plan

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