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This is an iOS React native app that allows you to create flash cards to study with later on.
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This is a practice project for the udacity react program. It is a iOS react native app that allows for the user to create flash card decks (and cards within them) that the user can use to study by quizzing themselves against the questions they have created.

Starting the app

Since this is a learning project this app has not been pushed up to iTunes Connect and should primarily viewed with emulators or with real devices through expo.

To start the project you need to download it then from within the project directory run npm install then npm start then lastly choose the option to run through your iOS emulator. I have found in some situations you may have to trouble shoot getting it up and running but all the instructions you would need are outputted to you when trying to run npm start.

Alternatively you can also use the expo XDE. To view the project download the project, next run npm install and finally follow the instructions on the expo XDE site to get it up and running from there. I find this interface a little bit easier to use.

Special Notes About the Project

This project is purely for iOS. It should also be noted that I did not get permission to use the logo that is listed for the app so please do not publish to iTunes.

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