A open source google maps carpool website & carpool protocol draft-rfc and library
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As my friend Pio who helped me develop this said in 2006. I think we've out googled google. This is my answer to Uber which google valued at $17 billion in 2013. It's a simple google maps open source carpool website the code is old and 2006-2009 era mysql & php and a bit obselete I need a maintainers for this & itit's only 10k lines of code. I recently modified this to work in a 2014 implementation of php, This mostly involved kludgy getting rid of division by zero errors. It needs to be made work on what was phonegap/newer javascript and google maps api's to show how far away the car thats to pick the passenger up is in realtime. bootstrap 4 support to be added for mobiles and javascript popups to explain the intimidating plan_trip page & make the plan trip page into a wizard to make it less intimidating.

Read /htdocs/templates/give_it_away_now.tpl will explain how to insall additional dependancies to get it to work like pear libraries & sajax.

Also join the http://ariasoft.ie/mailman/listinfo/carpool_protocol_ariasoft.ie mailing list if you are a carpool website developerm it is early days yet but I'm interested in getting all the carpool websites talking to each other, so, that a passenger on carpool website A can match with a driver on carpool website B. If I can get enough interest we will be writing an internet standard for carpool_protocol as an RFC & I'm looking for collaborators if any of ye are interested in making sure carpooling works as each new website is dividing up the carpooler customer base even further without a carpool protocol, saving the environment and even internet rfc immortality.

Subscription to the Carpool Protocol mailing list is available here http://ariasoft.ie/mailman/listinfo/carpool_protocol_ariasoft.ie